Can We Please Impeach the POTUS

Please Watch:


I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of watching the apathetic weasels that comprise most of the GOP sit on their tiny fingers and do nothing while our country falls apart. The fact that they are not standing up for the Constitution and are instead leaving this to a partisan effort, purely out of pride for a label, and not for the law, is confounding.

It’s like waking up every morning and having some senile Uncle-type of neighbor casually sneak over to spike your coffee with bad hallucinogens while talking about the Red Sox. Like a bad trip no one asked for, that never fucking ends.

The Moscow Project: Please read/support


The Capitalism of Narcissism


*This is the companion piece to how another person has been systematically and methodically infringing on my IP for half a decade. However, I have opted to remove the person’s name and presence from my blog, so that companion piece is temporarily set to private. I believe that I made my point in publishing that piece for 40 days and here forth refuse to allow that person to take up space in my life.

The process of calling out another person for a wrongdoing is an exercise in serving as a mirror for that person. To do that is always a favor to the world, to the matrix that we cohabit, because to call out another means to acknowledge a lack of love, and that can make the person doing the calling out feelreally feel—ugly. But it is no one’s job to hold a mirror for another person indefinitely.  And so to seek a path between compassion and right way, right action, I have chosen to walk the line between making the sacrifice of calling out that influencer for serial plagiarism and not giving them any more attention.

I have spent a lot of time contemplating how to find compassion for someone who tries to narcissistically feed on you or your art. What I found was a piece of me that wanted to resist feeling compassion for the person because they had caused me pain. What I pushed forward into was forcing myself to practice feeling compassion for that person. I think if someone spends half a decade serially plagiarizing another person, there is something dark going on internally—what that is, I cannot say. But it can’t be pleasant; and therefore, I do feel compassion for them. Everyone is suffering in some way—everyone. That is why we are here; we are here to suffer so that we can figure out what it means to love. Nothing else matters, in the grand scheme of things.


The Capitalism of Narcissism (or The Narcissism of Capitalism)

Someone mentioned that I should bring up capitalism and how it is inextricably tied to climate change. I’m going to go one step forward and connect both of these things to media manipulation. For those of you who are not familiar with my December 2015 research paper, posted to WordPress in early 2016, titled “Media Manipulation and Its Adverse Effects on Society,” here it is: Media Manipulation

Before I go into all of this, I want you to consider the poppies: The poppy posts on Instagram that involved tens of thousands of influencers trampling protected natural habitats to get a good photo and promote their brands. Those poppies.

If you’re not already familiar with the poppies, please look the issue up. Basically, a bunch of people who have made names for themselves via Instagram decided to break the law and destroy natural habitats around Lake Elsinore and Walker Canyon in the Los Angeles area to get orange-tinted photos during the super bloom last week. The city of Lake Elsinore was overrun with tourists, people got hurt, and a lot of protected habitat got destroyed from people ignoring signs and laws to go lie in the poppies in their sundresses and birthday suits. Examples of these influencers could basically be summed up as brands whose relevance originated and is maintained via a constant feedback loop of likes and approval from strangers on Instagram.

I’ve heard a lot of people throw out the term “relevant” to bash on others, including myself, recently. I’m unsure if this was a concept originated by troll farms who were purposefully visiting social media pages with the intent of “demotivating” or where exactly it started, but if one wants to connect social media to a person’s desire to be perceived as relevant, they should begin with looking at where the person’s perceived relevance started in the first place. Did it start with social media? If so, they are certainly using social media to “stay relevant.” While every single person on this planet is relevant by the mere fact of their existence, brands are only relevant if they are selling something. And it is brands that are contributing to capitalism, and capitalism in its constant need for cashflow that is contributing to the worldwide crises of global warming, economic downturn, and misinformation. I am a huge fan of the Green New Deal and agree that the only way out of certain looming doom at this point is to promote free post-secondary education and let go of capitalism and its inherent greed. For it is the greed of capitalism that drives the economy these days, whether on a larger policy level or on a microlevel that includes the feeding of influencers’ egos and fanbases. It all comes down to feedback loops and a fear of grinding the machine of capitalism to a halt.

Maybe I feel like my experience on Naked and Afraid and the way I was portrayed to half a billion households around the world has put me in a position where I now owe it to the planet to correct the record and call out all the bullshit that has since ensued. Really, I just care about the planet. I have nothing to sell you, nor would I want to sell you anything because that would be to become the thing that I am fighting.

So, what happened with the poppies is, thousands of people took to social media to call out the influencers who were using their platforms to showcase illegal natural habitat destruction. The point was primarily that influencers were influencing other people to do the same thing. But while a few accounts listened and apologized, took down the photos and made public statements about it, most did the opposite. Accounts actually refused to remove their photos and, instead, maintained an air of perseverance throughout the upheaval, each stating in their own ways that they did not care. One account issued a brief notice on a second poppy photo that she was not aware that it was illegal and then continued to post more and more poppy photos. Another made countless videos speaking to how acknowledging the criticism basically makes you weak, and that one should never, ever change. Her take on it was that critics were inherently hateful—not that they were pointing out the negative influence and repercussions of the habitat destruction for a single photo. The dialogue on both of their accounts repeatedly stated that people who disagree with either of them are hateful, when in actuality most of the hate came from devout followers of the two brands.

These accounts are using the narrative of authenticity to make up for never being open to criticism, and this is being reiterated and backed by their followers who make it their constant jobs to interject on both of their behalves. Any person who dares speak out for mother earth or question these influencers gets jumped on by a hoard of angry teens and women in their younger twenties, seething with comments such as “you’re just jealous!” and “get out of here with your negativity!” The brands consistently go through and delete hundreds if not thousands of comments from their pages, no matter how they are worded, if they touch on topics that would reveal to the average onlooker that they have critics.

It’s kind of frightening how much power and influence a person can have on society, even if they don’t have a college education and never talk about sociological issues on a deeper level than how people look physically.


This brings me full circle here. You either manipulate the media, or you are manipulated. Social media influencers make a living off of manipulating their own media. My experience on Naked and Afraid involved being manipulated by producers, withholding of a medical prescription, specific and pointed questions, and heavy, heavy editing that was in no way in my control.

Media manipulation is relevant because now many of the influencers who have been called out for trampling the poppies are claiming “media manipulation.” Suddenly, they all have the same excuse; all of their hands are clean. Not a single person who posted a photo of smashed poppies under their asses is responsible. No, in fact, they all used photoshop. It was all an “illusion.” One influencer admitted to trampling the poppies, kept posting photos, and then her photographer claimed that she used photoshop. Awesome, except one of them is lying and I suspect it is the photographer. Why? Because each flower carries a hefty fine with its destruction, so photographers and influencers alike are pissing their pants right now.

One would think that the easiest way out of all of this drama and bad press would be to simply remove the photos. But instead, all these accounts with hundreds of thousands of fangirls are doubling down and refusing to acknowledge the public dissent and social commentary. They are holding onto the fact that they are “leaders,” and that leaders can’t be wrong, can’t make mistakes, and would be perceived as weak if they gave in to the pressure to conform to what ecologists and protestors alike are asking them to do: set a good example. And they are being applauded for this. So, the new standard that is being set by influencers is not only to disrespect mother earth, but to never listen to people with different opinions, even if those people are scientists or otherwise respectfully pointing out that their actions are harming the earth. Each influencer that reaches, say, 100,000 fans, has the potential to influence that many more people to copy them. Even if only 1% of a 100,000 person fan base did so, that is still 1,000 more people. Yikes.

Authenticity is a myth, when you really get to the bottom of it all. People are always changing—in fact, are meant to be fluid and change—and if they didn’t we wouldn’t have evolution. The only true authentic self is a being of light that exists on a plane that is normally invisible to the naked eye. To use the excuse of authenticity to proclaim that one’s image is permanently fixed and righteous no matter what, is actually to allow one’s ego to be in complete control. And really, how authentic can any a brand on Instagram be? That’s inherently false by the nature of how Instagram works. Brands are built on carefully matched images and words, together, not too different from a TV show or movie…but completely in the control of the brand itself. A persona on Instagram is the clearest manifestation not of one’s authentic self, but of their ego, especially if they are claiming that they exist solely in authenticity, because that is a lie.


So, where is all of this going to stop? We have come to an age where we have a sitting president who most likely got his position because of the Kremlin (scary), continuously cries “media manipulation!” when the truth comes out, uses social media to brainwash people (scary), and, I am sorry to say, has influenced influencers to do the same. Trump has never admitted fault, ever. He has never apologized, ever. How very different are the beautiful blonde yogis on Instagram who are carelessly promoting their brands via breaking state laws to destroy protected lands for photo ops? They haven’t apologized or admitted fault either. They are claiming “media manipulation” now. They are all martyrs because people are pissed at them for crushing the poppies, despite the fact that they “used photoshop”—and like I said, that is bullshit. You can’t be a martyr in the face of your own media manipulation.

And people are pissed because the entire planet is endangered. The most recent UN climate report has stated that we have less than twelve years to get 100% off of carbon emissions. This has been described as “an all hands on deck moment.” We don’t have any room for selfish influencers. Whether it’s about poppies, agriculture, oil reserves, it doesn’t matter. Accountability starts with each and every individual on the planet. It starts with you and me. It starts with the people spreading influence onto others.


An Open Letter To The Rest of The World, From America

If you are reading this, there is a 50% chance you reside in America and a 50% chance that you reside in any of the other countries on the planet. I am writing this for the latter half of my blog site traffic.

We Americans do not like our president. I have never spoken to a person who wanted a wall or even thought that border security was an issue here. Americans are increasingly terrified of what has happened to our country.

Most Americans believe Trump conspired with Putin. And now it seems that the two are deciding the entire world’s fate (one of inevitable crisis and looming death as a result of rapidly increasing climate change) so they can keep drilling oil. This is insane. This is criminally insane. One of the first orders Trump made when he became president was to pull federal funding from any scientist who used the phrase “global warming” or “climate change” in their studies. Several scientists are quoted as saying, “You should be VERY CONCERNED.”


If you are reading this, please know that the vast majority of Americans are scared of Donald Trump and what has happened to our democracy. We are not our president. He is not our president.

Please spread the word. Spread it far and wide. Tell your friends and family. America needs help.


Thank you.


Love and Light,




Importance of Words (and Explosive Verbal Diarrhea)


Have you seen the new government-issued climate change report? IT’S RIGHT HERE

Sometimes people put blinders on when they don’t want to believe something because it’s too hard to grasp, frightening, intimidating, etc. It’s pretty bizarre to be living in the current world of human activities and be told that we are heading towards certain doom if we don’t change what we are doing NOW.

What is easier is to be given hope. We CAN change the current path we are on.

The number one leading cause of global warming today is animal agriculture. If every person who ate meat cut their meat and dairy intake in half, we would be living in an entirely different world.

It’s mostly the output of various greenhouse gases from the processes of mass animal agriculture that is contributing to global warming. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and methane are the three main contributing greenhouse gases, and they are being released in explosive amounts into the atmosphere. Think of it like, humans have explosive diarrhea, but it’s the result of eating animal products. Gross, huh? Not caring about what we are doing to the planet is like not caring that humans are explosively shitting into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. It’s like we’re walking around with poopy butts, being poopy heads about it, pretending it’s no big deal, etc, etc, etc.

When we say things like “it doesn’t matter,” we are shutting down our ears from hearing what we need to hear. We also plant seeds of ignorance for other people to sow when we speak without knowledge of the facts. Scientific facts. We can ignore the truth, but we cannot make it go away.

We’ve all battled outdated beliefs at some point or another. What do we do? Well, we can vigorously defend our fallacies or take a deep breath and practice loving ourselves enough to realize we were wrong, accept it, learn from it, and move past it.

When we say things like we could use “a little bit of that good old global warming” because somewhere on the planet is having a cold snap, we are deliberately misinterpreting the MAJOR difference between weather and climate (ahem, TRUMP: that was his quote). Trump has a major verbal diarrhea problem. He said this in the wake of California’s DEADLIEST FOREST FIRE EVER, the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA that torched nearly 90 people to death.

Don’t be like Trump. He’s in his seventies and doesn’t care about the climate’s future because he knows he will be dead or catapulted cryogenically into the future like Dr. Evil. Quit shitting all over future generations’ futures. Seriously.

Please think about this, and please consider eating a little less animal product this new year. Every little bit helps, and we are all in this together.

Happy Last Month of 2018,



a final word

Have you ever had someone tell you something that they believed would come to pass, and then have it actually happen? Or have something happen, and then have a stranger from the other side of the planet pick up on it? I have. I have had quite a few of these kinds of experiences.

I want to share part of one of these experiences, and then I will probably just step away for a bit. I have contemplated the pros and cons of sharing this with the public. For the most part, some experiences are just too sacred or special to share with strangers. Is this one of those kinds of experiences? Perhaps. In talking about it, I can already tell you what will happen: Reddit trolls will laugh at me, someone who writes for an online tabloid will call me crazy, and one or two other people will actually repeat my very personal story and appropriate it (which is laughable and predictable, and I have ceased caring). So many of those tabloids and trolls are employed by Discovery or its affiliates. Only six corporations run most of the world’s mass media. I gain absolutely nothing from sharing this, but more criticism. But, here I go anyways, with nothing to gain but a desire to be understood, and to share this with you:

I received a solar return reading when I turned twenty-one, while I was attending my healing arts school. I asked our herbology teacher for the reading. I fully believe she is psychic, though she never claimed to be.

Ok, so what I am going to say here, you probably will not believe. Just understand that I have no desire to give people more ammo to accuse me with. By “ammo,” I mean, I open my mouth or put a word on my blog, and someone will purposefully misinterpret it. There will always be some Machiavellian keyboard warrior out there waiting to rephrase my intentions. Fuck them. I could wrap what I am about to say in about three more equally unbelievable but true stories that all fit together in a way, but I am only going to share one part. Maybe I will write a book one day and share everything, but I want to keep this short for now.

What my teacher told me was that, with my impending move further west, I would “help a lot of people with the written word.” When I asked her what that meant, totally confused, she looked at me and said “it has something to do with NAA?”

(LOL, See, I told you, you probably would not believe me).

I asked her what was “NAA,” and she was like, “I thought you would know.” All I could think of was n/a, ie “not applicable.” I just remember being confused. This was back in 2006.

So fast forward for a second. I was first aware of Naked and Afraid (which has become dubbed by contestants and staff as “NAA”) in 2014, and the show itself came about in 2013, I believe.

Crazy, huh?

My point here is, I think that everything that happened with me on the show, and this blog, all of it, were all kind of meant to be. This is one huge reason why I have maintained my sense of righteousness in my situation. I have always been honest and open about what happened, with the exception of the brief period of time in 2014 when I was getting threatened and manipulated into being quiet. Should have events unfolded in any other way, there may have been nothing to write about. Why would someone call out the media if the media’s lies benefited them? And though of course some may refer to this as self-fulfilling, please realize that it has been a very heartbreaking ride for me. It once occurred to me that perhaps by “written word,” my teacher was somehow mistaken and “written word” could have meant television. But, no. She was completely literal and 100% correct, and my life unfolded in a way that was largely out of my hands, and my only recourse has been the written word. She was completely accurate.

I do not care about fame, fortune, power, popularity, any of it. I have always taken opportunities as they arose and done the best I could with very little resources. Most of all, I genuinely care about helping people. And, if a hundred people read about what happened, start understanding how the media can be manipulated, and start talking with other people, I am happy.

There is a hypothesised phenomenon called “The Hundredth Monkey Effect.” This is what I care about. I am willing to put myself out there and be called a thousand names by a million people, hundreds of millions of people, if a hundred people read and understand and take the truth with them back out into the world. This is my heart and soul speaking.

So, I hope that this makes sense to one of you today. I get people from 170+ countries reading my blog, which pretty much adds up to about how wide Discovery’s reach is. So as I have said before, in order to make a positive difference in the world, I have had an uphill battle and had to contend with a lot of trolls and hate. It is a challenge, and one that I probably signed up for, but I can not say it has gotten any easier.

Please realize too, that the producers know that I was conscious in Brazil, but they will NEVER, EVER admit it because they make a fortune from those episodes. They knew I was telling the truth as soon as I came out and said what happened in detail, because they have all the footage and they know I am right. No one secretly told me what everyone was talking about during the extraction, no one showed it on TV; I was awake and heard it all, loud and clear. If you read anything about the producers “not believing me,” just know, they do. They do believe me, that is why they left me alone instead of threatening me again. It seems that people I talk to in real life usually have no problem understanding that reality TV is a hoax, but for some reason most people online do not seem to understand this. Discovery was and is manipulative and exploitive on so many levels, it goes far beyond gross negligence. They make money off of their dishonesty, they make money off of exploiting people (please read about Cody Lundin from Discovery’s “Dual Survival,” if you have not yet:

I have had several other NAA contestants thank me for speaking out. I speak out for everyone, not just myself, but for you.

You need to realize what the media does to people. This is not just about reality TV: it is about war, climate change, everything. Nothing could possibly be more relevant to life today than the methods that the powers that be use to keep people in an unaware state of complacency.

You may leave this post with a sense of understanding, and I hope you do.

But I dare say, if you have the energy and will to go out of your way to discredit me like it is your job, you may very well be working with the dark side.


Which side are you on?

Gaslit: A phenominological poem in three parts

Part 1


I walk through the dark valley of perception

with fingers stretched before me,

feeling for signs of life.

I need all my fingers

and palms open to do this,

to guide myself on this untrodden path,

to pass safely through shadows

of hungry lionesses

and stones thrown by angry giants

larger than reality.

I need open hands to do this.

If we only use two fingers to guide ourselves,

pointing at things we feel but can not see,

we will miss the trail we were seeking

or fall into the lion’s den.

And so, therefore, we can not see

with our pointing fingers.

No, we need open hands.

We will not see past the massive stones that were cast,

and will lose ourselves in their shadows

without open hands.


Part 2

I wanted to tell you what a good person I am,
but there was a cloud inversion instead.
Dense, smoggy attitudes
trapped ice cold opinions,
because of all the hot air
someone else was blowing
out of their giant asshole.

Part 3

I can sense the eyes

like coyotes in a dark forest

when the moon is new,

and batteries in your headlamp stop working,

just as you’ve arrived at the rim of a canyon

at midnight,

barefoot and alone.

I can sense the eyes,

waiting for me to write something.

They want my power

and they want

to accuse me of giving it away.

They want something to yip about,

and it will always be about something

they will try to make my fault.

They want to misinterpret

what I say

and they will,

they always do.

They want me to doubt myself,

and if I don’t,

they will keep up their

Machiavellian dog warfare

for years if they have to,

until I cave,

until I forget who I am.

They want me to look away

so they can snatch up my words,

like a pack of coyotes

preying on a lone wolf.


A Conversation with [People Who Claimed to Be] Human Traffickers

By “people,” I mean GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. Supposedly. These are people who at least used to work for the government.


***Ok, just a warning: This is another long article about really fucked up shit. Really, really fucked up shit, to be precise. If you do not want to read about it, you can find happier shit on my blog via the table of contents tab.***

I’ve been up in the air about whether or not to readdress this topic, but before I go on I want to make it clear that I have nothing to gain for writing this, other than a clear conscience. I figured since one of my articles has received nearly 150,000 views, why not post about this ordeal again here, on my blog. It’s important, plus I’ve already gone public with it. I haven’t written about it specifically on this blog yet until now.

The summary is: there are some brothers in Colorado, in their fifties, who serially stalk people after posting seemingly harmless Craigslist ads for “Indy films.” They talk about really gross shit, like castration and mutilation. They are or were government employees. Whenever anyone calls them out, they troll them online, threaten them, and smear campaign them. Their victims are mostly women, however if you look hard enough you’ll find they also troll and smear men. This is all important and worth discussing because they talk about hurting minors and sexually abusing them, which is illegal. They use one of their real names and an alias when stalking, and all share the same contact info.

I’ve talked about this for years but thought it should be mentioned again since the #metoo movement last year. First, I want to ask YOU some questions:

What would you do if you had been told by a couple of supposed government employees that they moved sex slaves into the United States?

What if they claimed to hurt those “slaves?”

What if they claimed those sex slaves were sometimes teens? Minors?

Would you turn away? Would you stay silent?

I want you to look at this article, read it, and share it. If you care about people, or the free world, you shouldn’t take this lightly. This isn’t a joke. If indeed these people are still employed by the government, the government needs to hold them accountable and stop this immediately. It has been going on for decades. It is extreme harassment, cyberstalking, and libel, coming from two (or more) men and directed at many, many tax-paying citizens.

I am going to lay down my horrific experience of 9 years ago. I have mentioned this on social media beforeーyou can look on Reddit, search my old username “Nandacast.” Prior to using that username, I went on Reddit with another username and spoke about this as well. I also posted about this on Facebook and Instagram.


The above screenshot is one of those times. Every time I speak out about it, these guys have a blog reply. Their blog replies are super weird and often include naming long lists of women who I don’t know, and talk about the stuff they were talking about but in a way that makes it sound like I or these other women were talking about it. It’s a common modus operandi of cult behavior because it essentially dilutes the truth to an undiscerning reader or observer. They’ve definitely creeped out a lot of women. Here’s a little more of that March 2015 Facebook post, where they lump me in with other women who are supposedly “dying to have sex with them” and call me a self-professed alien something or other. Uh no. No all around.




So this may be time #6 or #7 or so where I am publicly addressing what happened. I am going to leave it alone after posting this. It took me a lot of contemplation over whether or not to compile this into a blog piece. I am using these men’s real names because I am telling the truth and they have broken several laws surrounding libel, defamation, stalking, threatening, andーas they sayーHUMAN TRAFFICKING. They are con artist career criminals and they have threatened me repeatedly.


So I started with Reddit.

Reddit’s policy is if the issue is serious, contact the police. Well, I did. I contacted five police departments, the FBI, and three anti-human-trafficking networks. Repeatedly. In fact, I’ve dedicated weeks of my time every other year to contacting authorities about these people, who by the way are reading this because they have made it very clear that they cyber stalk me and other women who have spoken out about them. The Coots men (creepy stalkers) found my Reddit post and replied to it, and threatened me. So I deleted the initial account after being bullied on Reddit. This was all in 2011/2012. A year later, I went back and looked at the post. Other women had responded and I could still see their responses in the comments section of the archived post. They went by the user names of FilmIndustryVigilantes, ToSirDiana, and HunterAlamo. I contacted these women and found that one of them indeed had a Facebook account and was who they said they were.

film industry vigilantes reddit

tosirdiana reddit

If you actually go onto Reddit and look up any of these posts, you will see a lot of bullying going on. It has been difficult to talk about this experience and have people believe us or understand without all the photographic evidence compiled. Reddit often results in bullying, too, and some of this bullying may have actually been instigated by these men themselves as they are con men and have made it clear that they are constantly scanning the internet for sites where people have called them out.

Before I go on, I want to say that last October, during the #metoo movement, I was contacted by another woman. She owns an acting school in Colorado Springs, near where these people are located. She came out publicly on Facebook and condemned these men for harassing her actors. There was a fair amount of commenting and interaction on her page. I’ve blocked out her name per her request, but she is aware that this blog post exists.




Either she and a lot of other people legitimately have been harassed as well, or they are in on the whole thing. I’d like to think they’re not in on the whole thing, but another woman did send me some questionable Facebook messages a while back:


I mean, again I would like to think she’s not in on this either, but this was my last correspondence with this other woman and it was a little weird. So fuck it, it’s all going up on the internet, everybody. I’m going to assume that “woman A” and “woman B” are good-hearted people and equally peeved at these men out in Colorado, but all of this is getting published for the sake of shining a light.

I am attaching screenshots of “woman A’s” post, as well as others pertaining to these people who told me they are human traffickers. This absolutely is not imaginary or fictional, as you can see, I have nothing to gain by sharing this other than fulfilling a moral obligation. I can not sit quietly or ignore it, and if this happened to you, you wouldn’t either (I hope). I’m also including an email from Gregory Coots’ other brother, Gary, sent to my public email in 2016. In it he asks me to contact him, I do not know why. That’s not happening.  This was forwarded on to multiple people and organizations, as has been all of this information that I am posting.



I want to start by saying that all this began years before being on Naked and Afraid. When you read this, keep in mind that this was all prior to actually working in Hollywood on any legitimate project. Like many other women, I was oblivious to how dark a place the world can be and I was unaware of the proper and usual processes that Hollywood producers go about their business.

I’m not saying my experience on Naked and Afraid was all sunshine and rainbows either, but it wasn’t like this. There are some commonalities, mostly within the realm of taking advantage of people. But this is way different.

It was December of 2009 and I had a job offer in Boulder, Colorado, to run a new massage clinic out of a medical cannabis dispensary for someone who used to be my boss years earlier. I had lived in Colorado before. I was living on the west coast and supporting one of my siblings. I sold many of my belongings, such as snowboards and my bicycle, to buy a 2-door Jeep for $500, and my sibling and I took off for Colorado in that.

Before moving inland, I was looking for other jobs on Craigslist. The dispensary hadn’t officially opened yet, and I wanted to have work lined up. I applied for 3 different kinds of jobs: massage therapy, restaurant, and acting.

I responded to a very nondescript Craigslist post looking for actors for an “Indy Film.” It asked for a few photos and basic information.


I forgot about that post. Six to eight weeks went by. I was in Boulder, and I received a phone call from a restricted number.

It was a person who went by a name of “Antonia.” Their voice sounded kind of manly, but they called themself a woman and spoke with the fluidity of someone who knew a lot about women’s perspectives. I assumed it was either a woman who had smoked a lot, or a transvestite, orー a man. Antonia was ecstatic that they had found my response in their pile, and said they were desperate for an actress for their “vampire film.” Antonia worked for two companies, which seemed mostly indistinguishable from each other: Lartu Vox, and Myelin Productions. Antonia asked me to send Lartu Vox’s Facebook a friend request so they could look at my profile and decide what role I was to play in their film. Please keep in mind that this was years before smartphone and screenshot technology was accessible to me. Otherwise there would be a few more screenshots here. However, I did print everything out, make copies, and distribute them to multiple people and agencies (see above email).

Then Antonia asked if the movie’s producer, “Sir” Gregory Coots, could give me a call. He called me from a traceable number that was also the one listed for Myelin Productions and one of his two brothers, Michael Coots. *Michael Coots also has a podcast that talks about UFOs and gore porn, is an ex police officer, and was (or is?) claiming to be a registered Colorado “psychopathologist” who works with traumatized individuals. Weird/creepy/possibly illegal. But I didn’t know any of these things, at least for a while until I hired a private investigator. He shares all his business contact information with Gregory. He is also listed as a producer for Gregory’s “projects.” As far as I am concerned, he is just as involved in this as Gregory is.

If you research Gregory Coots, you will also see that a teenage girl brought charges against him a little over a decade prior (1999), for threatening her life and stalking her while he was her counselor at a military camp. The charges were brought against multiple people, including the US Airforce, and then the case was dropped. I am including screenshots.

Gregory and Antonia proceeded to take turns calling me that first night. Then they called me again, the next night. And again, and again. They spoke with me over the phone from about 6pm to 4 am for about 3 weeks straight.

Ok, any normal person at this point is probably thinking “why would I talk to these people.” That’s a great question. Another great question would be, “why would two middle aged adults have the time or care to spend so much time talking to one person, and that person be me?”

Right off the bat, Antonia segued from “Indy Vampire Film” to the sex industry business. She said she worked with companies like Playgirl and others. Antonia asked me if I would be willing to do “survey work” for her, as in online and phone surveys, offering to pay me well for any and all time I spent talking on the phone with her.


Boom. There you go. A girl needs money and is offered money from talking on the phone, doesn’t know any better: Takes the job. This is not the first time you’ve heard this if you’ve read my blog.

Antonia (who by the way, has also referred to “herself” as “Diana” to other women, who have since reached out to me via Reddit and Facebook) and Gregory proceeded to go into more detail about their film, which was about flesh-eating vampires. Then they said they used to make porn films and started directing me to all these online links of “them” and Gregory’s days of glory as a pornstar named “Johnny LongBalls” or something horrendous like that. There were links, though I was smelling bullshit. Their “vampire movie” also had links, to a couple meetings with people dressed up as vampires and knights, and one or two super cheesy D-list type of videos of people sword fighting in front of castles, saying lines really unprofessionally.


The bad acting and cheeseball videos gave everything an air of innocence, in my mind. As if these people were just like teenagers in adult bodies, looking for a way to entertain themselves. Like several notches above prank-calling, so to speak.

So this kind of threw me off a bit. I was asking myself “what?” Constantly.

The movie at the time was called “Eye of Noor,” and since then they have changed it to two sequels. None of these movies have ever actually been finished. Recently, they went onto IMDB and made themselves a little page. But try clicking on the movies and you won’t see them. They are great at being internet trolls.

The “Eye of Noor ‘series'” is basically 3 movies that have never been made. They have never been completed. “Eye of Noor” had been a work in progress for several years before they asked me to be in their film. I believe it was all started in 2006. There is no movie. It’s just a front for whatever they do that involves spending weeks focusing on one woman at a time to try to coerce them into meeting them in private.

Here is one response to my Reddit post from someone who called herself hunteralamo. There were a couple throwaway names used by the women who claimed to have had similar run-ins. I posted, deleted my initial account, then went back a year or so later and saw responses in my archived post. I also had private messages from some of these other women. All this lead me to reposting on Reddit. Below: hunteralamo’s words:


Here are two more Reddit posters’ responses  (in partーlast I checked, they were still available in the comments of the archived posts):

A summary with links on Reddit:

These men spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to cover up their actions online. You can find blog after blog of them doing this. They have a tendency to call the women who have called them out “cyber bullies,” in a perverse attempt at reverse psychology. They are sick individuals who are preying on women, minors, and foreignors alike, and are sociopathic enough to maintain some sort of image of societal normalcy.



No, no one is bullying these people. These people are serially stalking and harassing women (and men) and then continuing to do so when these women (and men) resort to calling them out publicly because they care about other people’s safety. THEN these men go online and call all the women who have called them out “cyberbullies” and say we are making all this up. That is literally impossible. No one is making this up. These men are doing these things.


The above screenshot is from Facebook. It’s from the Army WTF Moments Facebook page.

The picture that this poster used came from the following article:

I recommend giving that article a read. It is about Gregory Coots’ white supremacy meetup in his local area.

Last year, Gregory/LARTU/Myelin got called out by several people on Facebook for harassing young actresses. Anyone who has ever called these people out ends up having libel written about them on the internet, usually along the lines of “so and so wanted to have sex with [fat, bald] Gregory and we said ‘no,’ etc…”

These people offered me something like $30,000 to do a porn, and then started making other offers that I won’t go into detail about. But needless to say, they wanted me to go meet them in private for an “audition.” I was increasingly shocked and abhorred at the kinds of things they spoke about and was wondering how to stop talking to them. When I didn’t answer their calls, they started posting really bizarre shit on Facebook. It was creepy.

I finally returned their calls and said I would do the porn (not intending to). They dictated a contract to me over the phone to email them back. According to other women I have spoken with via Reddit, they made others also write them their dictated contract. They asked repeatedly if it was a set-up and if they were being recorded.

I also want to say here, I have never been in a porn to this day and I am not interested. But I have nothing against sex workers  ーunless they are posing as massage therapists!! That shit infuriates me, because it usually involves women who have been trafficked in to the United States and are being forced to prostitute themselves! It also infuriates me because massage therapists who take pride in their work have to uphold high ethical standards and frankly, it’s beyond annoying when people make crude comments about massage therapists and sex. Anyone who has ever tried that shit on me, has been told to leave immediately, and/or had the police called on them.

Back to what happened:

These people are good at manipulation. I’ve since talked to other women who have gone through the same thing with these men, and these other women are seemingly intelligent. One worked for NASA. The consensus has been that these people spoke about such bizarre topics that it was confusing and difficult to just stop talking to them, for multiple reasons.

A few days before my supposed “audition,” for this creepy porn they wanted to do (a “real” version of “Eye of Noor,” they said), they asked me to do a “paid” Playgirl podcast. They had me choose a stage name. They wanted me to speak to a boy on the phone with them.

Up until this point, they always claimed to be in different states. But all of a sudden, Antonia was with Gregory. And, they had an Indian boy named Pabu with them. Judging by his voice, I would guess he was between the ages of 12 and 14.

Pabu was sobbing. He was calling me “ma’am.”

Gregory and Antonia, who had told me on numerous occasions that they brought Indians to the United States to use/sell them as sex slaves in their sex industry circles, declared that they were going to castrate young Pabu. They were obsessed with gross acts of mutilation.

They told me I had to talk to Pabu on the podcast, which was for entertainment, they said. They said I had to “command” them to hurt Pabu.

I pretty much vomited on my end of the phone. I remember I was sitting outside in my Jeep, shaking. I couldn’t say anything. Then they took me “off the air” to yell at me. I asked if it was real, they said “yes.” I asked if it was legal, they said “yes.” I asked about the realness and legality multiple times. How any person could hurt a minor in this way in the United States, and they were in the Pueblo/ Colorado Springs area, was definitely not legal. I couldn’t say anything but “I’m sorry Pabu.” I got taken off the air twice more, and was threatened. Pabu was sobbing. Eventually I did what they ordered me to do, which was say, “I’m so sorry Pabu, they have to do it.” Then the two men started laughing psychotically and I heard a “snip” and Pabu screamed, then another “snip” and lots of screaming. I got incredibly ill and hung up.

The next day, I went to the Boulder police. The Boulder police said I needed to talk with the Colorado Springs police. The Colorado Springs police said I needed to talk to the Pueblo police. And so on. Finally, I did get to the proper authorities.

But, these people aren’t behind bars.

No, rather, they are just doing their thing out in Colorado. Gregory actually works for the American Red Cross and teaches CPR to children (see photo)!

Gregory is also a “Reverend” and a bunch of other things that would seem contradictory to this vampire-porn-producer persona.


There isn’t another Gregory A.N Coots in Colorado Springs, everyone. Just this guy.

Also, there was this PSA on Facebook from Fort Carson, which is strange because Gregory supppsedly works (or worked? perhaps should no longer be working?) for Fort Carson, and his dad, Venon Coots, also worked for Fort Carsonーfor decadesーaccording to an obituary.



And Myelin Productions has producers in countries around the world, supposedly. So what’s up with the international production company that needs producers in multiple countries to NOT produce anything final? What exactly are they producing? This is a rhetorical question because they say they produce SNUFF.

Most of the people claiming to work for Myelin Productions  (which is a biological term, so if you Google it most of the results are about the myelin production of cells) are also members of an organization called The Citadel of Holy Orders. The C.H.O. is an anti-Islam militant hate group. Below are screenshots of people who say they are members of the C.H.O., many are also affiliated with Eye of Noor. I am not saying these people are all human traffickers. I am saying that the Eye of Noor movie, and its producers who claim to traffic humans, is affiliated with a militant organization that has many members, and some of those members openly hate people solely based on their religion.

You do the math.

I could go on, but I’m done. I’ve written about this several times. I’m disgusted that these people haven’t been arrested. Even if they didn’t actually hurt Pabu, and Pabu was a miraculously amazing actor who surpasses the acting ability of any and all the adult actors shown on their extremely short roll playing blips, that’s still disturbing. The fact that anyone would say that they torture and sexually mutilate children, real or not, and then turn around and be allowed to teach children CPR skills, is frightening (and yes, this is the same man, with the same phone numberーthe ONLY Gregory Coots in Colorado Springs). The fact that these men have done this serially, to multiple women, is frightening. The fact that they have nothing better to do than cyber stalk people and vanity search themselves online, for weeks at a time, is nuts. The fact that they claim to be government employees is nuts.

Last time I searched for some of the key terms that result in these articles and blog posts showing up, so I could take screenshots, I also unearthed some new material regarding ME. To start, one result was some Pinterest link saying that they used Honora Freshwater Pearls on the set of Eye of Noor. To be clear, “Pearl” was the stage name they had me choose back when they were trying to get me to be in their porn. And no, they didn’t use Honora Freshwater Pearls on their [almost nonexistent] set.


Then I found some role playing group via Fandom, that apparently had some episode seemingly based off of my story. I tried contacting the group, asking where they got the idea of their story from. I was wondering if they knew Lartu personally or had just come by my Reddit posts or something. They did not respond.


I’m not going to try and explain either of those findings, but they’re both ponderous.


I recently watched a documentary by Truthstream Media. They pointed out that people usually get upset when their beliefs about reality are questioned. They pointed out that believing in anything and everything that the government or school systems tell you, without question, is exactly the same thing as blind religious faith.

I love our world and our country for a lot of reasons. But there is some super dark shit going on. And when you hear an ex-FBI or CIA agent come out insisting that there is a human trafficking problem in the United States, listen to them. Don’t just shut your eyes and ears and turn away. I apologize for posting anything here from a questionable news source, but the following screenshots are of real whistleblowers and you may have a difficult time finding much news about pedophile rings on mainstream media these days.

As I mentioned before, it is a moral obligation to use my platform to discuss this organization. “Illuminati”/ not illuminati, I don’t care what they call themselves. It takes a psychopath to even joke about trafficking humans into our country and the sexual mutilation of minors. It’s NOT OKAY. IT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE. It needs to be brought out into the light and people need to know. Their scare tactics are only as powerful as people allow them to keep them silent.


I am relaying this to you not for “likes,” because I tend to actually lose followers whenever I blow a whistle. I am telling this to you because it’s my job to.

Human trafficking is a $150,000,000,000 ($150 BILLION DOLLAR)/ year industry. As a nationally certified massage therapist, it is my sworn duty to report human trafficking whenever I am aware of it.

It wears on my heart every day. It goes beyond a desire to maintain an online persona of any kind for other people to judge me off of. I care not what people think of my image or what they think my image of myself is. I care about truth and rights, and safety and liberty.

Now that the #metoo movement has emerged, I feel that perhaps this story will be taken a little more seriously. Ask yourselves, why or how are these men out there doing this, and why have they not gotten in trouble? I’ve reported them numerous times and yet I keep hearing “me too.” So why has the government not stopped their [supposedly] own employees from doing this, whether it’s real or fake? Or are these people no longer actually affiliated with the government and just saying they are? Is it even legal to pose as a government employee?

There are gullible people, and bad people in this world. Let’s not unwittingly be either of those types of people by ignoring this problem in our very own country and world today.