3 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries



Before I start, I want you to consider just how politically savvy you are. No matter how old you are, you need to become politically savvy right now. Start researching politics right now. Don’t be like me and wait until you are almost 30 to start caring or paying attention.

As the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated two weeks ago, “I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments that there were multiple, systematic efforts to interference in our election. And that allegation deserves the attention of every American.”

Reason 1) Trump and his administration have admitted that they accepted Russian interference in the elections and would do so again.


SEE the Federal Election Commission’s Official Statement About This:

This is SUPER illegal. Super illegal. Trump is trying to make it sound like people do this all the time.


Trump’s administration has stonewalled every request from the House of Representatives to turn over any documentation legally asked of them (remember, it is the House of Representatives’ job to investigate the Executive Branch and keep it in check). Mitch McConnell is likewise stonewalling everything while telling his supporters that he is doing otherwise.

Mitch McConnell has blocked so much legislation that the list has been dubbed “The Legislative Graveyard.”

Most recently, Mitch McConnell blocked legislation to block foreign election interference and make our elections safe. WOAH.

The M.O. of the Trump administration is to lie and never admit to anything/lie and lie again until everyone believes them. Trump and his admin are waiting for more Russian interference.

This is called “normalizing” criminal behavior.

It numbs the general public to criminal behavior.

This is deliberate manipulation of the general public.

I don’t say these things lightly. I was once in hope that Trump would be a good President, but he has proven to be anything but. I’m always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. I am saying these things because you need to hear them.

Reason why this means you should vote for Bernie: Trump and his administration are trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, who has a history of changing his mind on important issues and flip-flopping in order to pander to people and corporations. On the other hand, Bernie has a pristinely clean record. The worst thing the Republicans can come up with is that Bernie made some money off of a best-selling book. All in all, Bernie is still one of the least wealthy people in government.

So if you just keep in mind that Russia already intends on bashing Biden, why not just circumvent the situation and vote for Bernie in the primaries? Bernie has the biggest track record for pushing through legislation and making positive change in government. Take a look here. I can say that as someone who grew up as a Vermonter, the state of Vermont loves Bernie, hence why he was Representative for such a long time and is still a Senator there today. Vermonters don’t want Bernie to leave because we love him.

Reason 2) Bernie Sanders is a “democratic socialist.” This is not the same thing as a “socialist.” Today he pointed out, quite succinctly, that Trump “believes in socialism for large corporations and the wealthy.”  This is true.

And why on Earth is any human being defending corporations over people? Why on Earth would you? The blanket response by so many Republicans of “we don’t want free healthcare” and “we don’t want free education” or “we don’t want a livable minimum wage” is LITERALLY A SUMMARY OF THE STUPIDEST RESPONSES A HUMAN BEING COULD MAKE. No, really. Oh, you don’t want a livable minimum wage? Ok, you are an idiot. I’m not sorry for pointing that out.

And because so many of you only watch Fox News, I am going to post a link to Bernie Sanders’ speech from today, from Fox News, so that you will read it: https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/bernie-sanders-democratic-socialism-speech

(As much as I loathe Fox News and all of their lying propaganda)

Reason 3) Just in, the results of multiple polls showing that every major Democrat running for President in 2020 would beat Trump. Trump’s response? “Fake news.” Of course. He is claiming that these are all fake polls. (Hint: they’re not)

In contrast, I took several polls in 2016 prior to the primary elections that were spammed onto my Facebook feed and paid for by Trump’s campaign. I took three separate polls—correction: I tried to take three separate polls—and they all came pre-filled out with Trump as my pick for President. I loathe Trump. I tried to pick “Bernie Sanders,” but just clicking on another name automatically sent my “polling results” to a Thank You message showing Trump in the lead. There was no opportunity to click the “submit” button because the polling sites were rigged to answer “Trump” no matter what. That should scare you.

I thought my phone was glitching the first two times, but by the third time I realized it was rigged. I’ve had a similar situation arise in the past with a scam beauty product offer. There was a “click for more information” button that sent me to a checkout and none of the buttons actually led to where they said they would lead. Next thing you know, I had purchased something I didn’t want and the “introductory offer” of a few bucks turned into monthly $200 payments for some scam cream I didn’t want. I had to contact my bank and reverse the transactions. But that kind of rigged app or site (and often associated malware) is super easy to create these days, and that’s what Trump’s administration has been using for their “real polls.”

Trump lies on a daily basis. This is a literally true statement. This should scare you.

Trump is like that scammy night cream that you never actually wanted—the one with all the harsh chemicals that cause wrinkles and predispose you to cancer.

Why this means you should vote for Bernie: Bernie is honest. Bernie doesn’t lie. And he’s not Donald Trump.

He’s not Donald Trump, and the Russians can’t dig up dirt on him like they can on any of the other candidates. Plus, Bernie is actually not pro-open borders. So for any of you super worried about the poor Mexican families coming to the States to try to pick strawberries, just know that Bernie isn’t trying to overcrowd the country either. (And by the way, if you are concerned that migrant strawberry pickers are trying to steal your job, that must mean you too are a strawberry picker and then…why in the hell are you so anti-equality and anti-livable wage? Did you know that migrants are being detained and put in cages?)

We spend trillions of dollars going to wars that we don’t need to be involved in. And Trump spends millions of our tax dollars every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago. In an article by NPR, it is stated that “a new report from the Government Accountability Office says four such trips early on in Trump’s presidency cost taxpayers $13.6 million, or some $3.4 million each. That is far higher than the estimates of Trump’s travel costs early in his presidency, which were pegged at about $1 million per trip.” Holy shit. There most certainly is money to be reallocated towards causes like healthcare and education. So please stop eating up all the lies that are fed to you by politicians who have been bought out by corporations.

I know a lot of you don’t want to hear this. Apparently politics triggers the same neurons in the brain as watching sports does. Hence, it makes fans of one side or the other have actual hormonal reactions when they perceive a loss. People become very integrated with their belief systems. But how have you felt in the past when one of your favorite teams or players got caught cheating or using drugs? Did it change your mind about your feelings of loyalty to that person? And did it make you feel weirdly guilty for supporting them? (To be clear, if you ever felt guilty for supporting someone who was dishonest, you shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s not your fault how other adults behave. It’s not your fault if you get duped by a con artist such as Trump. But it is your fault if you choose to continue to support corruption when you know it is corruption.)

It’s time that you all wake up to what is happening in the country.


Why the GOP Needs to Join #MeToo

Please Watch:


I’m about to trigger a good portion of my readers because a good portion of my readers are Republicans. After all, Discovery Channel’s viewer demographic is mostly Republican.

The GOP needs to come clean with their abuse. I’m not just talking about how they abuse people. I am talking about their experiences with being abused.

Ask yourself this: Why is Trump surrounded by pedophiles? Remember when Trump said this about Jeffrey Epstein:

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” —Donald Trump

And remember all the instances of when Trump alluded to his sexual attraction to his daughter Ivanka? There are so many instances of this, so I’m just going to post this link:


And this one: Cosmopolitan

And this one: 9 Donald Trump Quotes About Ivanka That Are Super Uncomfortable

So let’s be clear here: Trump has more than hinted that he is not only a pedophile, but incestuous as well.

Still a fan of Trump?

Then of course, four days ago, Trump’s prior advisor, convicted sex offender George Nader, was arrested for transporting 12 videos of child sexual abuse. Those videos included mutilation of a 3 year old’s genitals and 13 year olds having sex with animals (the above link is to the indictment, which explains the videos starting on page 6).

(“The Best People”—Donald Trump)

Okay, check out this Tweet:

“Donald Trump is friends with at least five pedophiles, most of whom were involved in sex trafficking or blackmail schemes. There’s Epstein, Casablancas, Arif, Nader, Cohn. Who the hell is friends with five pedophiles?!”https://t.co/F3ks2lRzKC

— Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) December 5, 2018

So Trump is friends with multiple pedophiles and he himself can’t seem to stop talking about how hot he thinks his daughter is (and was when she was underage). There is Nader, Epstein, Casablancas, Arif, and Cohn.

And let’s not forget the fact that Trump’s Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, was the U.S. attorney in Miami who broke the law by giving Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal in his case regarding raping over 30 underage girls. More about that here but there are hundreds of articles about this.

Again, “the best people”…

So, how does this tie into why the GOP needs to get all #MeToo right now?

Well, it’s simple. They are hurting. They are so rabidly anti-LGBTQ and anti-women’s rights that it’s blaringly obvious that they are harboring some serious feelings of guilt and shame. Take the Nader videos, for instance. What do you think happened to the 2 and 3 year old boys who were being abused? And what do you think will happen to the 13 year old boys who were sexually abusing animals? My guess is that if any of those children weren’t murdered, they will grow up to be really fucked in the head.

Remember my personal recount about the estimated 100 hours of conversation I had with the alt-right human trafficking organization that preys on women and children? The one that thinks it’s funny to castrate underage boys? Total Nader material, folks.

And my guess is that there are a lot of members of the GOP who have been victimized and later grew up to victimize others, sexually. The thing is that without healing past that sort of victimization, their feelings of abuse will transform into shame and blame. And so that is why the GOP is so anti-LGBTQ and anti-women’s choice. It’s not actually about anything other than preventing a feeling of vulnerability within themselves.

It takes serious courage to open up yourself to vulnerability. Every person who spoke out and shared a #MeToo story is brave, regardless of their sex or gender. The GOP needs to tap into that same bravery. Because, right now, they are being cowards.

For them to support LGBTQ rights taps into a deep pain that they have from unresolved abuse. It makes them feel exposed to not just being closet-gays, but to being rapists. While they publicly ridicule human rights, they are simultaneously partaking in some pretty sick and twisted abuse behind the scenes. Not allowing equal rights is a form of fascism. The GOP is suffering from extreme shame, and so the extreme shame left unresolved and not admitted transforms into extreme blame and more abuse.

There is a deep fear within most of the GOP that if they support LGBTQ rights, they will be admitting that they have either been raped by men or raped boys. There is a deep fear that if they allow women to have abortions, they will be admitting to the fact that they have either witnessed or contributed to the mutilation or murder of young boys such as is described in the George Nader indictment. Instead, they say, “but abortion is murder,” while covering up the fact that they have somehow witnessed or contributed to actual murder of children who have been born. This resistance actually makes them look guiltier. By taking away rights, they are showing that they cannot accept equality in the world and they cannot join the path towards a safer, more equal future for all.

I don’t think I’m too far off here. Think of the long, long history of pedophilia that has been a part of Christianity and all the instances you have heard of, where alter boys have been sexually abused by priests or people in higher positions. Meanwhile, those same people who were sexually abusing people of the same sex as them were condemning gay rights.

Project much?

And here is another point: If LGBTQ rights are taken away, and if homosexuality is condemned, it increases the pull and sway of all the nasty blackmail that is going on behind the scenes. If LGBTQ rights are equal, it lessens the pull and sway of the sex abuse blackmail. Really, politicians should be focusing on why pedophilia is abhorrent and they should be condemning that. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There are a lot of things wrong with pedophilia.

So you get it, right? Politicians A, B, and C have been blackmailed at someone’s house. They hurt or raped a child or multiple children of the same sex as them. They want to do everything in their power to make sure their supporters think that they think that homophobia is wrong, because it hides what they did behind a facade of condemnation. They feel guilty. If they support LGBTQ rights, they feel as though they are admitting something.

So the GOP needs to come clean (and by the way, I don’t doubt that there are politicians on both sides of the aisle who have been sexually blackmailed). I don’t think people just “become” rapists. More likely, they were indoctrinated by someone. It could have been their parents and grandparents. It could have been blackmail after they became public figures. Take Epstein’s antics as an example: he had video cameras all over his properties so that he could blackmail other public figures. So these men (and women) are invited over for a “dinner party” and then are coerced into doing some extremely perverted and illegal shit, and then are told that they are caught on camera.

The idea of slavery isn’t just one that applies to the general public. Someone needs to set these political figures free, too. Right now they are captive to their own shame and are projecting it as blame onto the rest of the world. This is called “victim shaming.” This is why they are trying to further victimize women and LGBTQ and children alike.

It’s clear as day to me. The GOP needs to start sharing their #MeToo stories so they can heal. Until then, just consider nearly everything they blame onto others as a projection of the truth of their own haunted pasts.

It’s not their faults that they were abused. But it is their fault that they can’t open up to the truth and be brave enough to come clean. I want to hear their Me Too stories. They need to stand up and say, “Look, I was blackmailed by _____. I did some bad things, and I apologize.” I would be willing to forgive and I think most of the country would, too, if it led to a safer society.

And as for all the “Q-anon” propaganda? Trump is no savior. Q was started by his own administration. A lot of the shit that Q discusses about pedophilia is true, but it was a rumor started by the perpetrators. My guess is that because in the age of the internet, the truth comes out eventually. And for them to make these accusations prevents everyone from being able to discern the truth. The same thing goes for the human trafficking ring that I wrote about last year. They repeat things that their victims say and they project their crimes outwardly and it dilutes the truth so that people are confused. They are effectually a real-life version of pizzagate, but again, pizzagate isn’t real. Pizzagate was started by the perpetrators. (And I know a lot of Republicans abhor those ideas that pizzagate spread, as they should—but they need to realize that it isn’t going on in a pizza parlor. It’s going on in the houses of those they revere). I never even heard of pizzagate until after I wrote my piece about the human trafficking ring last year, when a friend told me about it. It seriously pisses me off so much that perpetrators project their crimes like that.

It’s a form of deliberate, organized disinformation much like what is going on with Russia.

So what do you think? Should the GOP start coming clean and #MeToo-ing? I think they should. After all, blackmail is a crime. They should turn their blackmailers in.

P.S. There is no border crisis other than the fact that children are being separated from their families and held in cages (more child torture, as well as racist profiling).

The real crisis is Donald Trump and the GOP.


Don’t Give Up on College: How I Got My College Degrees as an Impoverished U.S. Citizen

Please Watch:




Our education system is under attack. It’s been under attack. People are becoming discouraged. They are either dropping out or not going to school altogether.

The reason for this is simple: uneducated people are easy to control. This may seem counterintuitive to what you have been told. Wouldn’t college be considered an institution of sorts, not unlike high school, where one would essentially be forced to adhere to a strict schedule, be brainwashed, etc, etc? The answer is a resound, “No.” That is what I thought prior to going to college.

I went to a preparatory semi-private high school that led me to believe that college was going to be like it. The reality is the opposite. Colleges give students the tools to think for themselves. A good college has good professors, and good professors ensure their students’ abilities are expanded in ways that allow them to think outside the box. There is no strict schedule to adhere to unless you choose that schedule. You can go full-time, double-time, part-time, or even take a single class at a time.

College is a self-paced concept and it is not the same as high school at all. In fact, if you stop your education at high school, you are stopping your education at the peak of indoctrination. The peak of indoctrination. Understand this. If you don’t want to be indoctrinated, you need to go to college.

A good college will teach you subjects in relation to other subjects. A good college will integrate multiple teachings into single classes, such as histories in relation to sociology (history is useless without true context). Or such as, science in relation to current events (like meteorology and climate change).

A nation of uneducated people is easy to control. A nation of uneducated people is easy to further indoctrinate. The reason why Trump’s administration is attacking the education system is because Trump and his administration are criminals and they are lying to the people on a daily basis about nearly everything. An uneducated person can’t read the Mueller Report and understand a single page. An uneducated person can’t read a news article and compare it to the CRAAP test. Do you even know what the CRAAP test is? If you don’t, here it is. (Side note: “libguides” stands for library guides, not liberal guides, for all you anti-liberals out there).

Are you aware that Germany’s citizens elected Hitler? This is because they were brainwashed. They were indoctrinated. And Trump actually has studied Hitler. For real. At least, his ex-wife Ivana said that Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches next to his bed. Creepy, right? And historians, citizens, and politicians are comparing the U.S. right now to Nazi Germany. This has actually been a constant, increasingly true comparison over the last three years. Like here.  And here. And here. And here. And here.

Yes, that is right. Trump is actually, really, truly, using Hitler’s playbook while President* of the United States.

The problem with this scenario, other than the inherent dangers of falling into a fascist dictatorship, is that people need educations in order to understand what is going on around them in a way that they can press for the kinds of social change we need to progress into a safe, healthy future. Having an education not only increases awareness, it allows a person to express themselves in a sensical, eloquent way. It also increases empathy. I am a more empathetic person now than I was five years ago.

Not having an education makes you way more likely to have your job replaced by software or AI. Unless you want a job that is purely manual labor, and want to work until you are so old or hurt you have to retire, getting an education will help you. These days, employers consider a B.A. to be the equivalent of a high school diploma. This means that if you don’t have a B.A., most employers will assume you don’t understand how to follow through with timelines and you haven’t developed your critical thinking skills past the level of a teenager. That isn’t necessarily always true for each individual, but it is something to think about. Having a B.A. is like the equivalent of being Nationally Certified in the massage world, except it can be used for something other than manual labor.

Now I am not saying that life experience isn’t good. It is. And it isn’t an either/or situation. It is possible to travel and experience life and then go to school. In fact, that is the cheap and smart way to tackle post-secondary education.

Unless you became a legally emancipated minor at some point prior to becoming an adult, the government considers you a dependent until the age of 24. Yep, 24. So basically, there are two ways to look at this:

  1. If you moved out early from your parent’s house (like I did, at age 16), you should become an emancipated minor if they are not financially supporting you. Unfortunately, no one explained this concept to me when I was a teenager, so I never became emancipated. Instead, I had to wait for scenario 2, which is…
  2. Wait until you are 24 years old or older, and then go to school.

I waited until I was 27. Prior to that, I travelled a lot and partied a lot. I learned a lot about the world. I went to a healing arts school and got a professional vocation that allowed me to seek work and get hired no matter where I lived. (The National Certification for Massage Therapy is recognized world-wide, harder to achieve than its counterpart, the MBLEX, and allows you to work in a lot of different countries and states in the U.S.). My healing arts school was one of the best in the world and cost me only about $10,000. I paid it off by moving to Yosemite National Park and working there, with an overhead cost of close to nothing. It took me about a year of payments.

I’ve never had a credit card, by the way—except for one specifically for dental work, for a tooth surgery I needed at age twenty two, that had a 27% interest rate. I needed a cosigner to get it, and made $100 payments for two years. But after two years, I still owed the same amount that my initial surgery was. Crazy, huh? Other than that, I have always paid cash for everything. No debt until the tail-end of my college education. I know how to live on close to nothing.

But despite all the world experience I got from being a philosopher and traveller, I realized that there was a lot that I did not understand. So I came to the realization that I was passionate about school. This was school on top of other schooling that a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Energy Worker needs to continue in order to maintain the National Certification. So I had never actually stopped learning, but I wanted to learn more.

And if you remember that Discovery Channel said I had “extreme intelligence,” that is true. I scored very high on the Mensa certified IQ test that I took as a child (a 139 back in the ’90’s, which was one point below genius); I also scored very high on a Johns Hopkins intelligence test for talented youth (99th percentile); I also score pretty much off the charts for perceptual reasoning. But that doesn’t mean anything without an education. It means I can learn in my weird albeit sometimes fucked up ways from life experiences and mistakes, but it doesn’t make me smarter than the average college student if I don’t know how to read a statistics graph and analyze it according to reality. It doesn’t make me understanding of anthropology or humanities or sciences or anything, aside from what I learn by myself in real life.

If the paragraph above just made you feel defensive, realize this: the mark of true intelligence lies in the willingness to accept that one does not already know everything. A high IQ doesn’t mean shit without the willingness to learn. But we need to have the willingness to learn. We need to have the willingness to accept that we may be wrong sometimes. Otherwise, we just become a society of mindless humans who are easy to manipulate. The average U.S. citizen’s IQ is 98. I don’t even know what that means. I mean, I do, but I don’t. Maybe it means that most of the shit I write blows right over most of my readers’ heads. But a person with any IQ who is willing to learn and push through college is inevitably going to be smarter than their peers who refuse to educate themselves. A nation of people who are too proud to educate themselves is a nation that has been successfully indoctrinated. Thus we are a nation of people who believe everything we see on TV. Thus we are a nation of people who are lied to on a daily basis and cannot differentiate between truth and lies.

IQ, schooling, life experience: none of it matters without the willingness to learn.

And life experience is amazing. In fact, I would say it is probably better to wait until you are in your mid-twenties to go to school because you will find yourself and have a better grasp of what it is you want to study. If you go to school when you are burned out or not ready, it increases the chances of dropping out. So only getting half of a degree isn’t going to help you. You need to have the determination to keep on keeping on.

On hindsight, I sometimes wonder if I should have taken the scholarship (Vermont Scholar Award) that I received in 2003 to go to the University of Vermont. However, I was on my own and not receiving financial assistance from my parents, and I was a 17 year old. The scholarship would have paid for about 3/4 of my expenses, leaving me with $10,000 on my shoulders every year. I had never had a full-time job other than summer jobs and so I didn’t think I could make that money. Could I? Perhaps. But I deferred for a year and went to Japan. Then I came back to the U.S. and moved to Colorado and deferred another year. After two years of deferment, I just gave up. I gave up on college for ten years. I may have dropped out if I had gone to college when I was seventeen, too, and that wouldn’t have helped me. So you need to consider your own personal situation and listen to your intuition.

When I enrolled in college, I was 27. I did five quarters in a row and then took an entire year off to go film Naked and Afraid in Brazil and Colombia. There was a lot of waiting time for those shows and so I took off that year. But then I went back. As soon as I got back from Colombia, I re-enrolled in college and continued. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA for my Associates and got accepted into a university to get my Bachelor’s, raising my GPA back up to a 4.0.

If you wait to go to school, you may find that it’s actually a lot easier than if you went when you were a teenager. You’ll be able to apply world experience to your lessons and classes in really profound ways that wouldn’t have been possible a decade earlier.

There are some real issues with being impoverished and wanting to go to school, though, and I am going to address those for a second. First, college students can’t receive unemployment in the case of a lay-off, and they can’t receive food stamps. Second, for those times you aren’t in college, the cut-offs for what counts as impoverishment are set very low. So say you make $1800/month and are getting a tiny bit of financial assistance, like $150/month in food stamps. The next month you make $1,900 and now you are disqualified from getting food stamps, but the reality is you are spending more than $150/month in food. I experienced a lot of this as a massage therapist, when I wasn’t on the road. I would work at 5 star resorts and make a lot of money (a lot of money for me, that is—maybe $3,500/month) for a couple months, but then it would be slow season and my income would drop down to around $1,000/month, even being on-call at multiple locations 6 or 7 days a week. In the massage world, every spa has a therapist or two who have been there for what seems like an eternity. They don’t travel, they stay in one spot. Those are the leads and those leads usually are mandated to be granted a certain amount of work, leaving all the other therapists with less hours.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed on a sociopolitical level and it needs to be addressed by the people, meaning you and me and everyone else who isn’t in the top 10% of the economic food chain. This needs to change because it leads to a constant cycle of impoverishment. And the fact that students can’t get help with food is insane. The government is supposed to be promoting a better society for all, and that includes making it possible for everyone to get a decent education so we can keep services like hospitals open. The fact that Betsy DeVos was Trump’s nomination for the Secretary of Education and she is in fact so anti-education doesn’t make things better. So again, these are things to think about as you consider how to get your education and what you want to do with it.

So…how do you get an education when the system seems rigged against it? This is how:

  1. Consider moving to a state where college is cheap for full-time residents. Live there for as long as you need to in order to become an official resident, and then apply for school.
  2. Always apply for scholarships and grants. I had two really helpful scholarships in college; one was only available to impoverished people like myself, and the other was available to me through extracurricular participation in theatre projects.
  3. Adapt your life so that you can live off of the Pell Grant or close to it, at least while you are getting your undergraduate degree(s). Is rent too high? Move into a car (I know that sounds miserable), and mobilize yourself. I got almost half of my college credits while living on the road. It was hard, but I got to keep my sense of adventure and freedom. I took a lot of online classes. Those allowed me to be mobile and stay in school full-time. It worked.
  4. Get as many credits as possible from a community college because community college is cheap. It’s become more of a valid path towards education in recent years, especially as a stepping stone towards a weightier degree. Some community colleges are also starting to offer Bachelor’s degrees. Save your debt for a Master’s or Doctorate’s, or the tail end of your Bachelor’s.
  5. If you don’t want to be homeless, pick up work, pick up work, pick up work.
  6. Lastly, and most importantly, give yourself credit. I mean, give yourself a lot of credit. Realize that anyone who gives you shit and thinks you aren’t working hard is probably either a rich, privileged person who never truly suffered financially and was gifted everything in life, or a Baby Boomer who has no idea how the economy has resulted in everything costing way too much and minimum wage being way too low. Check out this Productivity/Pay gap chart and how it’s drastically increased since the ’70’s. Also, this Fortune article “Here’s the Real Reason You Don’t Make Enough Money.”  (This is why you need to register to vote asap so you can vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries, regardless of if you are a Democrat or Republican right now. If you are Republican, switch right away in the primaries so you can give Sanders your nomination. He has been trying to address this wage gap issue for like, half a century and no one has listened to him).
  7. Look at getting your education as a battle, and one that you are going into with the full intent of walking out of. It will be grueling, it will be tiresome, but you will thank yourself later.


You can do it.



You Are Either Loyal to the United States or You Are Loyal to Russia. Do Something. Acquiescing to a Traitor is Literally Treasonous. Apathy is What Caused the Holocaust.

Please Watch:



Bernie Sanders is the only consistent politician running for President in 2020. Vote for him in the primaries.

The United States is being attacked by a hostile foreign government and its military. Please get active about this.

Listen to the Mueller Report Audiobook for Free

Read the Full Redacted Mueller Report Online for Free Here

Watch Mueller’s First and Only Public Comment in the Last Two Years HERE



Read My 2015 Research Paper About Media Manipulation and Its Adverse Effects on Society



Likewise, Biden is a schmuck. The DNC has already decided they want Biden to win and it’s like a Hillary Clinton scenario all over again. Get out and vote in the primaries so that Bernie Sanders can run against Trump! He would have won by a landslide in 2016 and he can win by a landslide in 2020. Biden is basically a Republican running as a Democrat and Biden doesn’t want cannabis legalized, nor does Biden have an aggressive enough plan to combat global warming. VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS IN THE PRIMARIES. http://www.rockthevote.org


ALSO READ: Trump’s Former Advisor, George Nader, was arrested four days ago on child pornography charges.

He was transporting 12 videos involving children aged 2 or 3 to 13.

The videos involve bestiality (sex with animals) and mutilation.

Here is the indictment.

The videos are explained on page 6.

This will probably make you sick to your stomach.



Why Labels Need to Go


Okay, there is something that has been weighing down on me. It’s the concept of labeling.

To start, I have never labeled myself as anything. There is a three word blurb on Discovery’s website, which I didn’t write. Discovery also told me to call myself a “survivalist” for the sound bite. *Correction: I have called myself a nudist. I was raised as a nudist, so that has been a label I have used and identified with since 1985.

I was raised as a nudist and have dealt with psoriasis on my knees and elbows since I was three years old. Being a nudist to me has always been difficult but freeing, in that it has allowed me to accept my body for what it is. I need to get sunlight to treat my psoriasis and have been getting UV therapy since I was seven years old. Being a nudist is not only freeing, but necessary so that my skin doesn’t break out with psoriasis. In the picture above, you can see it on my right elbow. I had a nice tan at the time and the UV kills the extra skin cells that are what psoriasis is, so my knees weren’t as bad as usual in that photo. (The dark smudge spots are from fire poi; I had just spun fire on a fallen tree over the Merced River with a friend). I spent the first half of my childhood in New York, where toplessness is legal; then I moved to Vermont, which is the only state in the country where full nudity is legal. I suppose I could ditch the “nudist” label and just say “I am me.” I don’t actually need that label for any reason. I don’t need to hide behind it (pun intended).

I have never labeled myself as a “feminist.” I suppose the reason why I have never labeled myself as such is because I grew up as a tomboy, playing sports and with just as many male friends as female friends. Going into my twenties, I actually had more male friends than female friends. I think part of this is because, like I said, I am a bit of a tomboy. I just am who I am. I blow snot rockets and pee outside. I also have a cutesy, girly side to me too, but you will probably never see it.

Many of the females I have known have been super catty and cliquey, and I have steered away from them. Often times, it is the cattier, cliquier people in this world who are perceived as successful or popular because they have the ability to wear the thickest masks. To bystanders, these kinds of people seem calm, calculated, and admirable. To the people they covertly prey on, the truth is much uglier. This goes for men and women. I see big red flags when I meet people like this. It’s the “nice to your face”/ “evil behind your back” thing; it’s extremely common among girls and unfortunately just as common among women and I have personally experienced enough of that kind of covert bullying to not want to be any girlier than I already am.

And let me be clear here: Womanhood/sisterhood will never thrive when the people who are pretending to promote womanhood/sisterhood are preying on other women to boost their brands/popularity/desirability/etc. That’s what is subverting women in today’s society. It’s not really the men (there are men who are doing terrible things, too); it’s women. Women are kicking each other when they are down because they have this fucked up biological mechanism that makes them hate other women for various reasons, often related to a dissociated sense of self esteem. They need to stop doing that.

So these are some of the reasons, on hindsight, why I don’t really identify as a typical “feminine” type of person—although if you are reading this, you may not get what I am saying due to the fact that I possess breasts and a mostly symmetrical face.

I have never dreamt of weddings and white picket fences. My toenails are usually black from walking barefoot in the dirt. I have never had a manicure or pedicure in my life. I once cut out an ingrown toenail with an X-acto knife and tweezers because I had a ski race the next day and I couldn’t cram my foot in the boot. I grew up listening to classic rock, jazz, blues, and opera—I never was into all the pop bands that were thriving back in the day. I kind of missed a lot of the typical “female” culture because I never fit into it. I played baseball until I was too old to play baseball and all there was was a “girls'” softball team. I grew up climbing buildings and trees. All of my climbing partners, and all but two of my hiking partners, have been men. By the way, those two select females were also not girly-girls. There is nothing wrong with being a girly-girl—I just don’t understand or identify with them.

But after being on Naked and Afraid, I’ve been consistently labeled as a “feminist.” By the root definition of the word, I do believe in equal rights for women—and I do believe that equal rights have not yet been achieved for women. Take the anti-abortion bill that just passed in Alabama, for instance. That is messed up. A woman should have the right to control her own body, and any man (or woman) who says differently is acting against the foundation of freedom and equality for all.

I have a bit of an issue with labels, at least how they pertain to society, because labels mean that other people will put their own meanings onto them and they become ambiguous or diluted over time. The same thing goes for religious labels—people alter or deliberately misconstrue their meanings over time, to suit their personal agendas. You can’t just label yourself something and hide behind the label because it grants you new license to act differently than you would without that label.

Or can you?

I don’t think that it is okay to hate men. Ironically, the only two Naked and Afraid locations that I’ve been to involved only me and men, so the public can only associate me with men. I don’t hate men at all. I actually tend to trust men more than women, and the reasons for that are complex (and in fact may seem misogynistic to some). Another example of why I have difficulty with the “feminist” label is because I’ve been serially plagiarized (in feminist terms, I’ve been “bropropriated”) by another cisgender female public figure (technically, academia would label them as a “microcelebrity” as they are an Instagram public figure) who identifies as a feminist—and subsequently constantly writes about man’s shortcomings. I don’t think it is okay to push blame onto groups of people like that. Calling out one person or institution for doing something that causes or caused harm is one thing, but perpetuating that mentality onto another label in itself is inherently wrong and only causes more confusion to people as a whole.

So post-Naked and Afraid, I have had quite a few woman-haters call me a “feminist,” when I myself have never called myself one. I find this incredibly ironic. If the nature of my existence, which includes brutal honesty, makes me a feminist, then so be it—however, I truly think that humanity needs to come to a place of seeing people as people. Not as labels. We deserve equality for all—all sentient beings. This especially includes impoverished people, homeless people, incarcerated people, and animals. Those groups of people don’t really have a voice in today’s society. They either are dismissed immediately, dehumanized, restricted from the right to vote, or can’t speak human language. Those are groups of people that I personally care more about defending these days.

That’s really all a person can do in this life. Anything else is coming from a place of fear or lack of love.

Everyone on this planet is capable of love. Everyone—even the people who have made mistakes. In fact, the people who have made mistakes are often given more tools to become loving individuals because the truth is that compassion can not be taught, but only learned through experience. We make mistakes, whether or not we were victims in making those mistakes, and we experience backlash and repercussions from them. We learn, we move on. To me, the best way to move on and heal from the past is to practice paying it forward. I have experienced some of the worst cyberbullying of anyone on the planet and I know what it is like to be censored, disbelieved, manipulated, and dehumanized.

On top of this, I have been serially and systematically ripped off by another person—a feminist—who gets applauded for ripping people off covertly (I am not the only person who has been plagiarized by them). It’s hard to explain the level of ripping off that I have endured from this other person without resetting the article to public—it would probably blow your mind. I might reset it to public later, but at the moment I am experimenting with practicing forgiveness and not giving them the free advertising on my blog space. But believe me when I say, being the most infamous (look up infamous, it’s not a nice word) person on one of the most cult-classic television shows of our time has led to quite a mountain of shit to climb through. And it has taught me a lot.

I want to help other marginalized people (including animals) regain their freedoms. It actually does make a difference when you know what other victims are going through instead of merely hypothesizing or assuming what they are going through.

That all being said, everyone has the ability to stand up for whatever and whomever they believe in. What I think is important is going to be different from what you think is important, on a socio-political level. However, all of these things—all of them—do fall under a larger umbrella of an issue that needs to be taken seriously by every single person on the planet. Right now, we are facing an existential crisis and that is called “Global Warming.” Any other and every other push for equality falls under that because we are facing an extinction scenario that involves everyone. It won’t matter what you identify with if the whole world goes extinct. All the Republicans/Liberals/Democrats/




are all going to be dealing with the same inhospitable planet together, and then—


I had a record number of people visit my page in the last two days, and I have no idea why. It has been almost half of a decade since I first filmed with Discovery Channel. Are you coming here to read my words because you saw me on a reality television show, and now you want to push a bunch of your projections onto me? Or are you genuinely interested in hearing what my experience was like and how Hollywood manipulates people and the media? Hollywood manipulation isn’t just a “man thing.” There were woman producers working on my Naked and Afraid episodes, too. For all I know, there were woman editors who inwardly hated me and tried to make me look as bad as possible (hey, it’s a possibility). I don’t know and I don’t care.

What I care about is being firm in who I am and what I stand for. I stand for equality and truth and justice. I can honestly say that I am proud of the person who I am and the trials and tribulations that I have been through, external and internal. I have failed at so many things; mostly, I have failed at living up to other people’s expectations of me. I have failed at living up to the labels that have been misplaced onto me by strangers who don’t know me. I am more than fine with that.

So let me clarify here: I don’t dislike men. I will call someone out for being dishonest, manipulative, or generally an asshole. Sometimes telling (or showing) the ugly truth is an act of love. I will extend that outspokenness to anyone it applies to. It doesn’t matter if they are man or woman, black or white. Call me what you want, but it doesn’t change who I am. It doesn’t make me a this or a that, it makes me Honora.

I am going to leave you with a list of common misconceptions due to labeling and stereotyping:


All poor people are lazy;

most crime is committed by people of color;

people only go on TV/reality shows because they enjoy drama or want attention;

famous people are all rich;

famous people are lucky;

rich people are happy;

rich people are successful because they earned their success through hard work;

economic worth equates to time and energy spent working to survive;

all women are soft or emotional; all men need to be strong;

all redheads are crazy;

all blondes are dumb;

brunettes are smarter than people of any other hair color;

confidence is vanity;

nudists are sexual;

TV is real;

reality TV is real;

social media is real;

all college students are wealthy or privileged;

having a college degree doesn’t matter;

wealth and power are indicators of virtue;

anyone in the U.S. can pull themselves up by their bootstraps;

liberal people are socialists;

socialists are communists;

liberal people are therefore communists;

all Christians are in denial about something;

all people on Reddit are dudes;

republicans are all rednecks;

republicans are all rich;

republicans are stupid;

democrats are soft;

your vote doesn’t matter;

you can’t change the world;

climate change is a hoax.

The above statements are all false. They are assumptions, judgements, and misconceptions that exist because of stereotyping and labeling. While they may be true to certain individuals, they are all untrue as blanket statements.

By the way, if you are here because you just watched Naked and Afraid: what is the meaning of the label, “survivalist?” Well, according to the Google dictionary, it means:

noun: survivalist; plural noun: survivalists
a person who practices outdoor survival skills as a sport or hobby.
“a survivalist’s handbook”
a person who tries to ensure their own survival or that of their social or national group.
“a paranoid survivalist bracing for Armageddon”

Try guessing how many people on survival reality television shows are actually spending their lives as practicing survivalists according to definition #1. More realistically, most of the world’s inhabitants are survivalists according to definition #2. Pretty much every marginalized person on the planet is a survivalist according to definition #2 (minus the paranoid/Armageddon analogy it gives). Aren’t we all trying to survive in some way or another?

P.S. If you really want to achieve an atmosphere of equality for all, there are two things that need to be looked at, in my opinion.

  1. Look at the other people who identify with the same labels that you identify with, if any. Fix issues within your own group/s. For instance, if you want women to be equal and you are a woman—stop supporting women who tear down other women, to start. Misogyny exists within all sexes, and asking men to fix a problem that is simultaneously being perpetuated by women is ludicrous.
  2. Look at the lawmakers involved in suppressing the rights and freedoms of people today. Ask yourself (and them, if you have the chance to) why they are doing so, and what you can do to either change their minds or vote them out of office.

Can We Please Impeach the POTUS

Please Watch:


I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of watching the apathetic weasels that comprise most of the GOP sit on their tiny fingers and do nothing while our country falls apart. The fact that they are not standing up for the Constitution and are instead leaving this to a partisan effort, purely out of pride for a label, and not for the law, is confounding.

It’s like waking up every morning and having some senile Uncle-type of neighbor casually sneak over to spike your coffee with bad hallucinogens while talking about the Red Sox. Like a bad trip no one asked for, that never fucking ends.

The Moscow Project: Please read/support


The Capitalism of Narcissism


*This is the companion piece to how another person has been systematically and methodically infringing on my IP for half a decade. However, I have opted to remove the person’s name and presence from my blog, so that companion piece is temporarily set to private. I believe that I made my point in publishing that piece for 40 days and here forth refuse to allow that person to take up space in my life.

The process of calling out another person for a wrongdoing is an exercise in serving as a mirror for that person. To do that is always a favor to the world, to the matrix that we cohabit, because to call out another means to acknowledge a lack of love, and that can make the person doing the calling out feelreally feel—ugly. But it is no one’s job to hold a mirror for another person indefinitely.  And so to seek a path between compassion and right way, right action, I have chosen to walk the line between making the sacrifice of calling out that influencer for serial plagiarism and not giving them any more attention.

I have spent a lot of time contemplating how to find compassion for someone who tries to narcissistically feed on you or your art. What I found was a piece of me that wanted to resist feeling compassion for the person because they had caused me pain. What I pushed forward into was forcing myself to practice feeling compassion for that person. I think if someone spends half a decade serially plagiarizing another person, there is something dark going on internally—what that is, I cannot say. But it can’t be pleasant; and therefore, I do feel compassion for them. Everyone is suffering in some way—everyone. That is why we are here; we are here to suffer so that we can figure out what it means to love. Nothing else matters, in the grand scheme of things.


The Capitalism of Narcissism (or The Narcissism of Capitalism)

Someone mentioned that I should bring up capitalism and how it is inextricably tied to climate change. I’m going to go one step forward and connect both of these things to media manipulation. For those of you who are not familiar with my December 2015 research paper, posted to WordPress in early 2016, titled “Media Manipulation and Its Adverse Effects on Society,” here it is: Media Manipulation

Before I go into all of this, I want you to consider the poppies: The poppy posts on Instagram that involved tens of thousands of influencers trampling protected natural habitats to get a good photo and promote their brands. Those poppies.

If you’re not already familiar with the poppies, please look the issue up. Basically, a bunch of people who have made names for themselves via Instagram decided to break the law and destroy natural habitats around Lake Elsinore and Walker Canyon in the Los Angeles area to get orange-tinted photos during the super bloom last week. The city of Lake Elsinore was overrun with tourists, people got hurt, and a lot of protected habitat got destroyed from people ignoring signs and laws to go lie in the poppies in their sundresses and birthday suits. Examples of these influencers could basically be summed up as brands whose relevance originated and is maintained via a constant feedback loop of likes and approval from strangers on Instagram.

I’ve heard a lot of people throw out the term “relevant” to bash on others, including myself, recently. I’m unsure if this was a concept originated by troll farms who were purposefully visiting social media pages with the intent of “demotivating” https://www.businessinsider.com/russian-troll-slayer-went-undercover-at-a-troll-factory-2019-3 or where exactly it started, but if one wants to connect social media to a person’s desire to be perceived as relevant, they should begin with looking at where the person’s perceived relevance started in the first place. Did it start with social media? If so, they are certainly using social media to “stay relevant.” While every single person on this planet is relevant by the mere fact of their existence, brands are only relevant if they are selling something. And it is brands that are contributing to capitalism, and capitalism in its constant need for cashflow that is contributing to the worldwide crises of global warming, economic downturn, and misinformation. I am a huge fan of the Green New Deal and agree that the only way out of certain looming doom at this point is to promote free post-secondary education and let go of capitalism and its inherent greed. For it is the greed of capitalism that drives the economy these days, whether on a larger policy level or on a microlevel that includes the feeding of influencers’ egos and fanbases. It all comes down to feedback loops and a fear of grinding the machine of capitalism to a halt.

Maybe I feel like my experience on Naked and Afraid and the way I was portrayed to half a billion households around the world has put me in a position where I now owe it to the planet to correct the record and call out all the bullshit that has since ensued. Really, I just care about the planet. I have nothing to sell you, nor would I want to sell you anything because that would be to become the thing that I am fighting.

So, what happened with the poppies is, thousands of people took to social media to call out the influencers who were using their platforms to showcase illegal natural habitat destruction. The point was primarily that influencers were influencing other people to do the same thing. But while a few accounts listened and apologized, took down the photos and made public statements about it, most did the opposite. Accounts actually refused to remove their photos and, instead, maintained an air of perseverance throughout the upheaval, each stating in their own ways that they did not care. One account issued a brief notice on a second poppy photo that she was not aware that it was illegal and then continued to post more and more poppy photos. Another made countless videos speaking to how acknowledging the criticism basically makes you weak, and that one should never, ever change. Her take on it was that critics were inherently hateful—not that they were pointing out the negative influence and repercussions of the habitat destruction for a single photo. The dialogue on both of their accounts repeatedly stated that people who disagree with either of them are hateful, when in actuality most of the hate came from devout followers of the two brands.

These accounts are using the narrative of authenticity to make up for never being open to criticism, and this is being reiterated and backed by their followers who make it their constant jobs to interject on both of their behalves. Any person who dares speak out for mother earth or question these influencers gets jumped on by a hoard of angry teens and women in their younger twenties, seething with comments such as “you’re just jealous!” and “get out of here with your negativity!” The brands consistently go through and delete hundreds if not thousands of comments from their pages, no matter how they are worded, if they touch on topics that would reveal to the average onlooker that they have critics.

It’s kind of frightening how much power and influence a person can have on society, even if they don’t have a college education and never talk about sociological issues on a deeper level than how people look physically.


This brings me full circle here. You either manipulate the media, or you are manipulated. Social media influencers make a living off of manipulating their own media. My experience on Naked and Afraid involved being manipulated by producers, withholding of a medical prescription, specific and pointed questions, and heavy, heavy editing that was in no way in my control.

Media manipulation is relevant because now many of the influencers who have been called out for trampling the poppies are claiming “media manipulation.” Suddenly, they all have the same excuse; all of their hands are clean. Not a single person who posted a photo of smashed poppies under their asses is responsible. No, in fact, they all used photoshop. It was all an “illusion.” One influencer admitted to trampling the poppies, kept posting photos, and then her photographer claimed that she used photoshop. Awesome, except one of them is lying and I suspect it is the photographer. Why? Because each flower carries a hefty fine with its destruction, so photographers and influencers alike are pissing their pants right now.

One would think that the easiest way out of all of this drama and bad press would be to simply remove the photos. But instead, all these accounts with hundreds of thousands of fangirls are doubling down and refusing to acknowledge the public dissent and social commentary. They are holding onto the fact that they are “leaders,” and that leaders can’t be wrong, can’t make mistakes, and would be perceived as weak if they gave in to the pressure to conform to what ecologists and protestors alike are asking them to do: set a good example. And they are being applauded for this. So, the new standard that is being set by influencers is not only to disrespect mother earth, but to never listen to people with different opinions, even if those people are scientists or otherwise respectfully pointing out that their actions are harming the earth. Each influencer that reaches, say, 100,000 fans, has the potential to influence that many more people to copy them. Even if only 1% of a 100,000 person fan base did so, that is still 1,000 more people. Yikes.

Authenticity is a myth, when you really get to the bottom of it all. People are always changing—in fact, are meant to be fluid and change—and if they didn’t we wouldn’t have evolution. The only true authentic self is a being of light that exists on a plane that is normally invisible to the naked eye. To use the excuse of authenticity to proclaim that one’s image is permanently fixed and righteous no matter what, is actually to allow one’s ego to be in complete control. And really, how authentic can any a brand on Instagram be? That’s inherently false by the nature of how Instagram works. Brands are built on carefully matched images and words, together, not too different from a TV show or movie…but completely in the control of the brand itself. A persona on Instagram is the clearest manifestation not of one’s authentic self, but of their ego, especially if they are claiming that they exist solely in authenticity, because that is a lie.


So, where is all of this going to stop? We have come to an age where we have a sitting president who most likely got his position because of the Kremlin (scary), continuously cries “media manipulation!” when the truth comes out, uses social media to brainwash people (scary), and, I am sorry to say, has influenced influencers to do the same. Trump has never admitted fault, ever. He has never apologized, ever. How very different are the beautiful blonde yogis on Instagram who are carelessly promoting their brands via breaking state laws to destroy protected lands for photo ops? They haven’t apologized or admitted fault either. They are claiming “media manipulation” now. They are all martyrs because people are pissed at them for crushing the poppies, despite the fact that they “used photoshop”—and like I said, that is bullshit. You can’t be a martyr in the face of your own media manipulation.

And people are pissed because the entire planet is endangered. The most recent UN climate report has stated that we have less than twelve years to get 100% off of carbon emissions. This has been described as “an all hands on deck moment.” We don’t have any room for selfish influencers. Whether it’s about poppies, agriculture, oil reserves, it doesn’t matter. Accountability starts with each and every individual on the planet. It starts with you and me. It starts with the people spreading influence onto others.


Half a Decade of Being Plagiarized by Another Writer: The Janne Robinson Timeline

Introduction: There is no way at all that I can conceive of all of this as a coincidence.

TLDR: An extremely privileged rich girl has been systematically been pulling from my writing. When asked to stop, she refused to. I am calling this person out because I think integrity is everything to me and I’m tired of capitalism being inextricably linked to greed and dishonesty while also being the underlying force of ecological destruction and economic injustice on the planet. Consider this timeline as a gift to anyone interested in the topic.

*This is the companion piece to The Capitalism of Narcissism

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of either pursuing this in court or blogging about it on here. After months of contemplation, I decided to write about it all here and post a timeline. As I have mentioned before, I am not a capitalist. I would never want any money from Janne. I wish only for truth, liberty, and justice. For all.

What follows is a section of the timeline that my attorney and I put together last summer/fall. Just know that putting it together was super fu*king annoying. Enjoy.*

*Best viewed from a tablet or desktop due to the nature of the timestamps and detailed examples. Examples can be enlarged if clicked on, or zoomed in on via mobile devices. Now keep in mind, everything on my blog is my opinion.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.42.14 PM

Source: Instagram


One day apart:

Spelling post Instagram, Me copy.png

Source: Instagram

Spelling post Instagram, Janne

Source:  September 30, 2018 Instagram

***This person’s “publisher” is a blogging platform that caters to millennials and refers to itself as a “platisher”: a hybrid of a blogger platform and publisher. As per an article by The Washington Post, “The stories, Thought Catalog’s publisher and staff told The Washington Post, are the end products of an ‘anything goes’ publishing policy, in which articles from outside contributors…are supposedly published without editorial oversight or judgment.” This is important, because what I am about to show you involves a rapid passing off process that gets dished out to a wide millennial audience without oversight from editors. She mentions she has editors, but the spelling and grammar on her posts and self-published articles often appear juvenile to a trained eye. Anything she rips off, despite its originality, immediately becomes cliché by nature of her audience.

***My post up top goes on to mention that I am a whistleblower and am good at putting together evidence timelines when justice calls. Janne was responding to that post (this was in the midst of attempted legal discourse between our attorneys) but doing it in her usual way of inserting other material and pretending she’s not doing it—like an improv exercise but via writing, so it’s easier. Like what Donald Trump does. This isn’t an on-the-spot thing that she wings; it’s a meticulously thought-out caption that she writes in private. The fact that she actually wrote that she does things in a “whirl wind” should be noted.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the beginning. I never heard of this chick until 2016, when she was hanging out with an old middle school classmate of mine for 2 weeks and her posts started popping up in my Facebook feed.


To be clear, this middle school classmate and I comprised two of the three people in our seventh grade class at Stratton Mountain School, a world-renown ski and snowboard academy. He had messaged me on Facebook maybe a year before they had their 2 week hang out stint? We commented on each other’s Facebook feeds very occasionally (as in rarely).

Plus, one of Janne’s main photographers/ housemates/ best friends was on swim team with me in Vermont as teenagers—we were often on the same four-person relay teams, getting blue ribbons. We were on a team called the Tritons. I specifically remember that she was quite good at swimming the butterfly and breaststroke. I was a backstroke and freestyle swimmer myself, for the most part.

And that same woman and I also graduated from a small prep high school in the same class of 140 people, where I was the student body president. We were in many of the same eight to fifteen person classes in school. I’m pretty sure she was in at least one of my AP classes and I know that she has many mutual friends on Facebook, including the AP psychology teacher who I am about to mention. She was also my Facebook “friend.”

I also had a flood of people from high school friend me on Facebook immediately after Naked and Afraid first aired, by the way. Small town, small schools. Everyone knew everyone. The chick from swim team knows the guy that was hanging out with Janne who was in my 3-person class at SMS, and they both know another woman who actually later interviewed Janne, and now works for the BBC. This other woman was one of my best friends when I was very young; I have some hilarious stories to remember with her about our shenanigans on a ski resort.

So you get it, right? People talk. People know each other. It’s a small world. And for some reason, Janne has run into several people from my childhood.

Janne’s posts (from her personal Facebook page, which was advertising her personal brand of “Janne Robinson” along with her then-unverified business Facebook page, and has since been deleted) started showing up in my Facebook feed in 2016. I know algorithms have changed over the years but I’m not surprised she was showing up, considering the mutual contacts. I think her page had somewhere around 10k followers or something, at the time. I had a verified Facebook fan page back then and I still do, with about 13k followers, but it is currently deactivated. I started using Instagram in 2015 and, like Janne, was linking many of my posts between the two platforms, as they are owned by the same company.


I did a triple-take at some of her posts and looked at my own, and the dates. It looked like she was ripping me off but I tried not to be too bothered. I had no idea how long this had been going on, otherwise I probably would have been more direct.


So let’s go back to the beginning of the timeline, as was discovered retroactively after enlisting legal help in 2018.


I wrote this essay on a piece of birch bark in September 2002. It was inspired by my teacher calling me a hippy or a fairy or something. I was known for being a free spirit in high school—I was a nudist, and I was spending months at a time on an island in Puerto Rico. I actually first traveled to that island by myself, at age 16, while a junior in high school. I poured out sunshine and island vibes.

In December 2013, my old AP Psychology teacher tagged me on Facebook with the photo because he kept the essay. The following year, I used the photo as a Facebook profile while I was getting a lot of publicity from Naked and Afraid.


birch bark cropped

My first Naked and Afraid episode premiered on the Fall equinox of 2014 (September 21, 2014), after two months of previews. It was the blow-out season finale. I’m pretty sure Janne saw. Discovery reaches almost half a billion households around the world. That’s a lot of people.

Janne saw me on TV and got straight to plagiarizing me.

But first—she did the equivalent of “obliterating” the name of my trademark. In trademark law, she began the process of “Express Reverse Passing Off,” which I will get to in detail later in this post. The first step to that is erasing/removing the name of the trademark from which you are stealing goods/services/ideas.

She changed the way she spells “Honor” at the same time that she started stealing my content (remember, my name is

H O N O R A),


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.25 PM.png

Source: Instagram


October 2014 (right after my first Naked and Afraid episode received some of Discovery Channel’s highest recorded internet hits and ratings), Janne writes about getting fresh air—just like my essay, on birch bark, above, talked about—on birch bark:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.52.15 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.52.28 PM.png

Source: Instagram


October 2014:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.42.21 PM

Source: Elephant Journal screenshot to Instagram


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Sources: DiscoveryChannel.com and Elephant Journal screenshots to Instagram


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I write my first blog pieces about Naked and Afraid, below…then Janne starts bashing on blogger celebrity shamans who do reiki and hang out in Colombia, and happen to be on stage but shouldn’t be writing (paraphrased).

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Source: WordPress

(*Note that I’m taking screenshots from the timeline that was used between my attorney and I. I have since written more blog posts on WordPress.)


Janne’s uncannily “synchronistic” vitriol, as I mentioned above:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.04 PM.png

Sources: Facebook and Instagram

The above “Everyone’s a Fucking Blogger” poem happens to mention:

  • A (misspelled) Colombia (where I had just filmed my second Naked and Afraid stint, which was a summer-long series released just months earlier),
  • Reiki (I had happened to have a Kickstarter up the previous year called “The Reiki Geothermal Greenhouse Project“),
  • And shamans (I graduated from a small healing arts school and studied under two prominent shamans: one is the head Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and the other is an honorary member of Crazy Horse’s descendants’ Blackfoot Lakota tribe in Crestone, Colorado).
  • Oh, I was talking about yoga a lot—specifically Kundalini, Kundalini meditations, Kriyas, etc. The above-mentioned Kundalini teacher from my school is one of the world’s most prominent Sikhs; she studied under Yogi Bhajan. Janne’s blogger poem mentions yoga.
  • The poem also mentions gluten-free, which I am not currently, but I was at the time; I was discussing that on social media.
  • And of course, the Bukowski quote under the celebrities piece above is making sure to really impress upon everyone that people on stage aren’t supposed to be writers, or vise-versa.

All of these things were talked about consistently on my social media, prior to coming out with my blog.

Mostly, what sticks out is the timing of Janne’s posts… all of it, right after I came out with my blog.


Just a little peek at some mentions of Reiki Herbal Company back in 2014, right after Naked and Afraid in Brazil first aired:

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Source: Facebook

Oh, but that blogger poem was about    her   frustrations   with   the   “commercialization    of   spirituality.” 

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Source: Instagram

Dang. Well, all of my art projects have been not for profit.

My company Reiki Herbal Company was nonprofit,

its Kickstarter project was for a nonprofit ecological purpose,

all the Stone Nudes calendars and the Stone Nudes book I was in were not for profit,

the time I broke the internet and shut down the world’s most famous bikini contest (Rolling Stone did a feature in 1986) with my lettuce bikini in 2006 (made it on MTV and some other channels, including a Canadian music television station) was not for profit

that’s right. I literally stopped the show for seven years. I was working at Copper Mountain at the time, and enough people in Summit County complained about my nipples that the contest came to a complete halt. MTV interviewed me and then aired my interview repeatedly for several months. The quote in the newspaper link above is from that interview. This was six years pre #freethenipple, baby. Second place was my friend’s girlfriend in a lime green furry suit (an off-leash dog chased her and knocked her down on her run), and third place was a brunette chick with a regular blue two-piece bikini. The plural use of “contestants” showing too much skin is actually only referring to me and my nipples, thanks to the lightness of kale and the wind on the mountain that day.


Source: Freeskier Magazine

Two years later, PETA started using real lettuce on their trademark Lettuce Ladies (instead of plastic). Just a little info for you there.

 I’ve been pushing the envelope of non-sexual nudity and expression for a long time—on international mediums—since long before everyone and their dog started stripping on social media. This has been purely for art—not money. 

One of my elementary school best friends’ older sister, Kate Logan, became temporarily infamous for disrobing (to nakedness) during her high school valedictorian graduation speech at Long Trail School in Dorset, Vermont, in 1997. I was at her house when she turned down an interview with David Letterman—because she was making a statement. She wasn’t trying to get paid. I am 100% behind that mentality.

And in fact, being on Naked and Afraid was virtually not for profit because they don’t pay royalties.

All the money I made put together from Naked and Afraid was about $14,500, spread across two years, and the show practically ruined my life. Not many people know that. Most people think that all publicity equals income. This is not true. I think money is inherently evil; Janne writes about privilege and money constantly.

But I’m glad to see that that poem was about the frustrations with people    who    make   money   off   of   spirituality  and not something else


By the wayI made agreements with all of those collaborations and collaborators. Stone Nudes is the world-renown photography project of the legend Dean Fidelman. He’s a legend photographer and a legend in the rock climbing and outdoor worlds. I did photos for him in Yosemite, Colorado, and Thailand. Want to buy a print of me climbing out of the Indian Ocean like a modern Botticelli? You can get it right here and support Dean Fidelman in the process. I won’t get a dime, because I make art for my soul, for personal growth, and for posterity. It’s a concept that capitalists and soulless individuals will never understand. It comes down to some deep spiritual beliefs that I have about energy and karma. And it’s a concept that only ethically works out when I agree to it—not when people like Janne steal it (though I have some things to say about Discovery Channel as well).

Isn’t it interesting to learn about these kinds of moments from a mostly pre-social media era? Before it was super easy to become an Instagram celebrity? It almost makes me feel old, and I’m 33. But god forbid anyone talk about a life or history outside of social media, right? We turned a corner in history and forgot about life outside of cyber space.


It’s such a small world. I met the founder of Elephant Journal in 2006, at a hot spring resort. I was there with several of my healing arts school classmates and he and his friend were telling us about Elephant Journal, which was still relatively new at that point. Here is the only piece I’ve ever written for Elephant (not for profit). Obviously I care about Bernie Sanders—I’m from Vermont. I have to wonder if Janne was especially displeased with me getting an Elephant poem published? Since she had been aware of me for over a year and a half? And because she wrote for Elephant back then? This was before anyone could self-publish on Elephant.

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Sources: Elephant Journal screenshot to Instagram


*The last paragraph on her post below is paraphrasing the last paragraph on mine.

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Sources: Instagram and Facebook


Janne brings up her crappy celebrities poem again, on April 4th. At this point, she was deep in creepin’ on my social media. I was talking about Naked and Afraid occasionally and squeezing rogue interviews in sometimes…but mostly, I was getting up at 6am every weekend and picketing for Bernie Sanders at this point in the timeline—while she was advocating for voter apathy—but we will get to that later.


I write another blog piece, one of the most important things I’ve ever written for myself, and Janne reposts her blogger poem about reiki-shaman-Colombia-visiting bloggers.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.29 PM.png

Sources: WordPress screenshot to Instagram, Instagram

*Note that the article referenced above came out 18 months prior to the #MeToo Movement. This was before the flood of Hollywood actors and women talking about their experiences with sexual assault and unethical Hollywood practices.


Back to the dancing vitriol, uncanny timing once again.

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Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.06.03 PM

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Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.12.45 PM.png

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The example above is ironic because, years later, Janne has repeatedly quoted the singer Peia Luzzi on social media, usually in conjunction with photos of herself (Janne), with the words: “Remember why you came here. Remember your life is sacred.”


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.12.54 PM.png

Source: Instagram


*This was one of the examples my attorney sent to Janne’s attorney. Immediately after receiving my attorney’s cease and desist letter, Janne went on a long tangent online about why she is not a white woman. Janne’s “brown” (a complete identity shift from how she has always   been white).  She proceeded to repeat almost everything that I was talking about in this example on the left, in the midst of being threatened with a legal battle for what she had been doing: misappropriating my art, repeatedly.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 2.48.14 PM

Source: Instagram and page 4 of 8 from my attorney’s Cease and Desist Letter to Janne Robinson

*I wrote this piece, above, in 2017 and felt different about it when I gave it to my attorney, a woman of color. In general, the act of white Caucasians complaining about misappropriation is referred to as a violent tool of unconscious racism called “centering.” It really made me uncomfortable to see Janne repeat what I was saying here, on her September 22, 2018 Instagram post, and while having her serial misappropriation pointed out in a legal context. (Link above, but here it is again: Janne understands what being discriminated against feels like because she once had to wait to be served at a restaurant in Greece.

(Was that triple misappropriation?) Okay, onward…



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*Note that the above example is copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.


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*This was one of the examples my attorney sent to Janne’s attorney, minus the word frequency part. The same day that I received a response from Janne’s attorney, in which he brushed off this example and made fun of me for talking about “monkeys,” Janne posted a photo of herself holding a stick of sage while calling a bunch of politicians and public figures “monkeys.” Monkeys

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.40 PM.png

Source: Instagram


When I wrote this next poem, I emailed it to myself prior to publication, and predicted to 3 other people that I believed Janne would plagiarize it, because she had a tendency to steal the pieces that meant the most to me, or that I thought were decent.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.50.44 PM.png

Source: Instagram

*Note that the above poem is copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.

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Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.41 PM.png

I am a registered Trademarked celebrity with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which is not an easy mark to obtain.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.48 PM

Source: Instagram


*The technical term for this kind of Trademark infringement is called “Reverse Passing Off,” or in Janne’s case, “Express Reverse Passing Off.” The trademark name is completely obliterated and the goods and services associated with it are essentially relabeled. There are federal and state laws prohibiting this.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 3.31.30 PM

Source: Instagram


Below: See my post where I speak about another woman intentionally stealing another trademark from me, after I was incorporated in California and doing business with the name. This was on Instagram and was part of the conversation about what Janne was doing. NOTE that trademarks and copyrights are completely different things. This other woman stole a trademark name, a company name. But this copyrighted artwork was and is indeed still copyrighted.


*I saved all my money from Naked and Afraid XL, slept on a couch and worked double-shifts for 8 months, put every dime I had into that company, and made all my lab-tested (on humans), dermatologist-approved, organic lip balms by hand.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.16.58 PM.png

Source: Instagram


Some background info on my copyrighted nude lotus woman design (copyrighted 2015, lasts past the duration of my lifetime):

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.17.27 PM.png

Source: Facebook


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.17.56 PM.png

Source: Instagram


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.18.04 PM

She changed my slogan of “Be Bold, Bee Beautiful” to “Walk Tall.” Her ring is supposed to exemplify her “mission” and “dharma” of lifting women up—all women, except the marginalized, like me, of course.


The case of Rogers v. Koons, 960 F. 2d 301 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 1992 upheld that 3D renditions/derivatives of 2D works of art are copyright infringement, even with minor elements changed or omitted. Here are those two works of art side-by-side.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.58.28 PM.png

Source: Google Image Search, “Rogers vs. Koons”


I did an extensive online search for other art with these exact dimensions and found nothing with the same exact dimensions. There are some similar pieces of art with similar dimensions—but not a single search result yielded anything with the same exact dimensions. Here are three renderings through a computer sketching program of my copyrighted art as published on its original medium, and Janne’s rip-off as a ring. As you can see, they are the same in size as well. A lip balm tube is actually about the same exact size and shape as a finger, and if these two pieces of art were compared in a court room, I am sure a jury or judge would see the obvious.Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 8.36.19 PM.png

Here is a slide from my research, regarding this design. There is one other design on the entire internet that I can find that even remotely resembles my art. It looks like once upon a time, one jeweler created a nude woman with her head cocked to the left and her leg lifted asymmetrically, and then a bunch of other jewelers ripped that design off. It’s actually amazing how unoriginal people can be. Like, come on. No one could make a ring with the nude woman’s head cocked to the right? 

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 9.07.35 PM.png

If you ran any of those rings above through a sketch program, they wouldn’t look like my art the way that Janne’s derivative does. Seriously, GTFO. Even the hair is the same on both of our pieces of art. Considering the timeline, there is zero chance that she did not do this on purpose.

By the way— a derivative is defined as coming from one or more pre-existing artworks. So if you rip off two artists at once, you’re actually liable for two lawsuits over infringement, if those artworks are registered.

Janne claimed that her ring was based off of one of the above designs—none of which are mainstream. Sure, I bet she based her ring off of the design above—and I also bet she based it off of my artwork. She announced the new artwork would be coming out after I called her out on social media and posted my artwork, in the same conversation. I also have proof of her and the jeweler whom she contracted going back and editing posts featuring the ring, adding new captions regarding when the idea was conceived. They did this in August. I have screenshots.



What you have just seen above is some of the timeline that was put together between my attorney and I. We were requesting that Janne partake in mediation and demanding that she cease and desist. However, she refused. She had an attorney essentially say that I wished I was like Janne. Uh, what? How extraordinarily creepy. Like, on one hand, we showed them three or four examples—and surely Janne told her attorney she was innocent, but….Do you even realize that this amount of copying actually implies…kind of the opposite? I don’t have a time machine. Talk about



My attorney called Janne’s response the “most narcissistic letter [she’d] ever received from an opposing party,” [paraphrased] and I have to say that I fully believe her. For in order for all of this to have happened in the first place, Janne must have been essentially stalking my pages. For lack of a better word…it really seems she stalked me. Additionally, her response letter noted that I have less money than Janne and accused me of being a less reliable or trustworthy person than she because of the difference in our economic statuses. It also claimed that my social media following was smaller than hers and therefore I must be jealous. Wow.

Janne’s response letter specifically grabbed a smear article about me off of the internet, written by a misogynist/ woman-hating tabloid, to try to back up whatever points they were trying to make. One would think that—of all the articles written about me— they could have at least found a smear article not written by a woman-hating publication, because in using it, they were giving opinionated credence to woman-haters. Why would a “feminist” and her attorney pick a misogynist tabloid to back up their views?


*Her attorney also made a comment that the response letter was exclusively his own intellectual property and that I did not have permission to reproduce or publish it. I have therefore paraphrased their responses instead of posting them, although I believe I could legally post them here in conjunction with this criticism and commentary, pursuant to the fair use doctrine.


One or two coincidences could be plausible, but twenty, thirty? No. We thought perhaps her excuse would have been parody, but no. She denied ever having seen any of my writing, despite the fact that she actually followed my Instagram account for a brief period of time in 2016. And besides that, anyone can look at anyone’s social media account, as a follower or not, unless it’s set to private.


For context, here are some examples of other people calling out Janne for plagiarism. The post shown below is here and Janne has since deleted all the comments calling her out. There was another comment from a woman that said “This is a cheap knock off of a poem by Warsan Shire, a woman of color. Shame on you.” Without that comment, I would not have personally even known who Janne was knocking off. But the point is, multiple people recognized the plagiarism. This male commenter on the right, below, is calling Janne “Becky,” which is a slang word for “white woman” that can have different meanings— snobbish, or wanting to be like women of color, are two of them. (By the way, I had numerous posts about speaking out—like she mentions here on the right—one which specifically said “for if we allow one person to be silenced, we allow all people to be silenced.” I would say “speaking out” is one of the major themes in my writing, considering my history.

Context Other Plagiarism 2 of 4 Context Other Plagiarism 1 of 4

Source: Facebook


Here is Warsan Shire’s poem. It is called “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love”

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 10.54.32 PM.png

Source: Words by Warsan Shire; Screenshot from “Poetry Friday: For Women Who Are Difficult to Love.” Live, Love, Simple., livelovesimple.com/for-women-who-are-difficult-to-love/.


If you are still unclear on the exact definition of plagiarism, here is a page about it from Northern Illinois University. You can search on Google Scholar under “plagiarism detection” or “plagiarism definition” for more information, if you are interested. Here is a tutorial about plagiarism from Duke University.

The more intentional the plagiarist is, the harder plagiarism can be to detect— but I assure you, people who know, such as the original creators/artists/writers, will detect it—especially when it keeps happening over extended lengths of time. Janne also has posted at least twice about this kind of thing; I posted screenshots at the very top of this blog piece showing that. Therefore she is undoubtedly aware of what she is doing, and aware that it is unethical (and in certain instances, such as when willful and done to a registered piece of intellectual property, against the law).

Here is another example of someone calling out Janne for plagiarism. An account says: “This caption about sewing your ass to your face is plagiarized from the Ted Talk – The Power of Vulnerability. It’s not her original thought. The context of the talk is much more compassionate, not judgmental and violent like this. And it’s one of many examples of her lifting words from others and passing them off as her own.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.08.12 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Aaaaand this is the part where I tear the wool from your eyes, as they say, and I do this with sadness. HOWEVER, I fully believe she is a con artist, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and somebody needs to expose this. I think the person to expose this should be me, considering what has happened.


So let’s talk about college, poverty, and politics. We’ve already looked at the art aspect of this timeline of copying. There is one more topic that I believe I have a plethora of evidence in which to point out fraud or deliberate misleading of her followers, but I actually do feel sorry for Janne. And to point out that last topic is just too much for me to do. So I’m going to stick to sociological topics here.


All I care about is reclaiming my story and calling out this behavior, because it’s not just a gaslight technique that’s affected me. It has affected all the people who follow her under her guise of “authenticity.” Please understand that this is a difficult situation to be in because it means I have had to retrace what Janne has done, and that has been time consuming and demoralizing.


Misappropriation of a College Student

I also care because I have spent most of the last decade taking college courses in order to better my life, while getting straight-A’s. I write a ridiculous amount every day, as a person who loves writing but also because school was my job for many years. Janne has been preaching to her young followers that they should not go to college. Janne: “Don’t go to the university”/ “there ‘is’ no promises a robot won’t replace you in like 6 years.” Because of course, why go to college when you can just find another college student to prey on and rip off while they pay for school and put all the time into developing their critical thinking skills and comprehension?

And the most important aspect to college is academic integrity…citing sources, giving credit…and Janne does not do these things most of the time. 

Janne: “Why you should drop out”

Janne: “Forget college…find mentors” (like her) instead


And I fought tooth and nail for my college degrees. I spent about half of my time in college shivering in sub-freezing temperatures while homeless and trying to keep my computer charged. I fought tooth and nail for my education because I know that school is important if you want to make a real difference in the world. If anything, it’s given me the tools to put together impeccable research papers and timelines in order to call out crooks.


Misappropriation of Poverty

This actually brings me to my next point, which I feel is important though aware of the arguments it may bring up. I bring this up with reluctance because I do not know Janne personally and I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way. But, considering the timeline, I have to wonder about another aspect of Janne’s narrative: welfare.

Janne is the kind of person who says “my truths” a lot. You can see this for yourself if you read her social media. But what exactly is the truth and what is smoke and mirrors considering the context of the timeline between when the copying started and now? I ask this because I was speaking about homelessness prior to and after being on Naked and Afraid. The show used clips of me and the vehicle I was living out of on at least three occasions. And the reason why I question Janne’s rags to riches narrative is because of the first publishing date that I can find regarding it, because of the same three anecdotes that Janne gives when speaking about financial difficulty, and, mostly, because someone who has experienced real, severe, poverty generally has empathy and compassion for others who are or have also experienced severe, real poverty.


On the contrary, Janne’s response letter to me verbally assaulted me and my character because of my finances.


Now, when I say homelessness, I mean that I spent a good portion of my twenties homeless. I spent years in breaking-down vehicles, many of those years actually with other family members and dogs (for instance, one of those times was after a house burned down and I took in two other people and a dog, on top of me and my dog, into a five-seater, 2-door Jeep),

and I’ve spent months at a time working in exchange for housing on many, many occasions:

I was Dean Potter’s BASE jumping spotter for three or four months, while actually spending whole nights solo-hiking 28 miles roundtrip in the park’s backcountry (I did that five times), in the snow, just to do something and not be at his place all the time. I also guided him and Sean Leary on their first ever jump through a moving hole in the clouds, in 2010 (I timed the movement from the ground and got to witness their smiling faces upon landing);

I spent three months caring for an elderly woman with Alzheimers.

I have spent years trimming cannabis in exchange for housing.

I spent years living in tents in a national park while working,

years living in a national park while hiking my massage table into the backcountry to give massages

at High Sierra camps

and along the PCT

and doing chair massage at music events.

Bartending, waitressing, teaching various sports, working in bookstores, landscaping, exterior painting, and lifeguarding have been some of my jobs apart from my massage profession and those may or may not be lucrative depending on the location and season—but few of those would really fall into the “starving” income category.

(By the way, really starving is painful, I would know).

I’ve been to food pantries about a hundred times, many of those times to provide food for other family members in addition to myself.

I have had many lunches with and bought coffees for other homeless people, even while homeless myself, because that is the right thing to do.

I went on Naked and Afraid to starve on camera because sleeping outside and being uncomfortable are two things I’ve actually experienced a lot of in real life.

There were times in between these homeless times that I worked at high-end spas, but between a death in my family, going on TV and waiting in limbo for my departure date, two break-ups, and two sexual assaults, there were many times when I had to get up and relocate.

I relocated without a credit card to my name, no parents to help me out, and no savings.

This is because the reality in the United States of America is that pulling yourself up from your bootstraps is impossible without a financial support system (Janne has had one) somewhere.

You need money to make money, and I know this after trying to start three different companies. You need money to start up, money for lawyers, money for advertising and public relations…you get my point.

Being an average US citizen without a financial support network, credit, or savings, is incredibly difficult.

It can be exhausting.

It can feel helpless.

Even with beautiful scenery, it can feel disenfranchising.

And when one has experienced these things, to the point where they have felt real, serious disenfranchisement and marginalization, they learn empathy. They learn compassion. They do not attack other people—other women—on their levels of integrity because they are poor.


So I question the veracity in the fact that Janne’s anecdotes include renting out her place on Airbnb—because impoverished people don’t have the luxury of having a place to rent out, or a place nice enough to rent out on Airbnb. I question the anecdote of having $60 for three days once (later she says it was $60 for a week)—because that is just any normal week for a poor person. Additionally, she slept in a hammock on the beach (in Costa Rica? What is the exchange rate there?) during those three days, which is something many people just do for fun. Also, the luxury of getting to go stay at a butterfly sanctuary for 9 months—though here she says 6 months—while writing isn’t really a poverty anecdote. And chopping wood in a log cabin would seem pretty dreamy to a poor person—staying in a log cabin does not make you a poor person.

Janne refers to herself as having spent most of her life as a “starving artist,” but if you really analyze this narrative, you’ll see that she decided to quit her white collar and blue collar jobs to just be a writer in 2012 and was making a decent living very shortly after. At most, it looks like she could have spent 3 years as a part-time writer while donating time at various retreats and as an intern—eating $8 boxes of gluten-free cereal.


Nowhere can I find a story where Janne actually reflects true poverty, let alone welfare. I’m not going to say that she has never been on welfare, because I don’t know her. But in the U.S., welfare is for parents—not single people. The Canadian lexicon is a little different and Canadian income assistance can be called welfare—but it still doesn’t add up as a reflection of poverty, from the perspective of someone who has actually experienced real starvation and the deepest throes of poverty for extended lengths of time.

To me, it seems as if she is inflating her welfare story to something much bigger than it was, regardless of the length of time that she received it. Receiving welfare assistance while tanning on the beach sounds pretty cushy to me, to be honest—and so does receiving welfare assistance while stoking wood fires from a quaint log cabin. Janne’s advice to other people on how to make more money also includes tips like hiring assistants and people to detail your house and home—and of course, those are things that are only really available to upper-middle class people.

I say upper-middle class because there is not much of a middle class these days: it’s generally upper or lower class. So one would really have to be on the upper spectrum in order to be able to even consider paying others to assist them, in order to save 10 hours of their life for things like surfing. Her narrative used to be that she grew up with money  —

“I always had [money], spent it, made rent without a sweat
I paid the bill, chose the nicest red by the glass
They knew my first name at my favourite stores
We both knew they liked my credit card
But it’s nice when they know you.”

—but suddenly shifted to a “lifetime of being broke.” What is a lifetime if only three years? But Janne’s followers seem to be comprised of mostly privileged women like herself, and Instagram users are statistically wealthier than the average United States citizen, or rather, the higher one’s income the greater the chance of using Instagram, so I think these points sort of fly over most people’s heads.


Additionally, the hallmark trait of marginalized people is impoverishment; to con your followers into thinking that your cushioned privilege was somehow impoverishment and imply that economically destitute people could be just like you if they just surfed a little more and paid assistants to do their everyday chores, is quite violent. Just as misappropriating women of color is violent, misappropriating impoverished people is also violent. It teaches other privileged people that real poor people are somehow stupid or lazy and contributes to further misunderstanding and marginalization within society, especially when as the message of an “influencer”/ life coach.


I think I have a good reason for questioning these things, considering what has happened. While I commend any person who decides to follow their dreams, I am not buying her rags to riches story because, again: 1) the anecdotes are repetitive and not reflective of true poverty, 2) the timeline in which she began this story, 3) the constant contradictions and lack of a firm timeline within her own narrative, 4) the timeline in which she began the copying, and 5) her response letter was extremely attacking of poor people.


Misappropriation of Politics

Then there was the fact that while this was going on and I was picketing for and promoting Bernie Sanders during the democratic primaries in 2015 and 2016, Janne was telling her young following not to vote. 2016 election voter apathy Just to be clear, she is a Canadian citizen who resides in the United States with a visa. I don’t think she can vote in our elections. More 2016 election voter apathy But for her to be advocating apathy when we needed young voters to get out and be proactive was surely detrimental. After all, she is an influencer.

As soon as I deactivated my Instagram account, around the midterm elections, she posted a pic of her merchandise with a caption about voting.

Last month, she was paid by a clothing company to wear a white blazer and threw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s name out (unrequitedly), but AOC is a socialist and anti-capitalism; Janne is a capitalist and anti-education.

Try to engage Janne in a conversation about politics and she will delete comments, and my guess is that it is because she has no idea what she is talking about; and also, that she is basing her identity around ideas and people that profit her in some way because they are trending or popular.

Also: hate to break this to Janne & co., but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a white cape sleeve blazer to the State of the Union, not just any regular blazer. Of the dozens of names that could have been thrown out there and homaged to, AOC’s style was probably the furthest away from the Banana Republic jacket Janne claimed was modeled after AOC. There were dozens of women wearing white to SOTU; perhaps a more appropriate comparison would have been to Ana Maria Archila? Janne’s company page used a trending photo of AOC and Ana Maria wearing white; perhaps Janne got the two women mixed up or…just preferred to homage to the one with a larger Instagram following? And P-L-E-A-S-E, don’t pretend to like a politician while literally embodying the exact opposite of what the politician stands for, just to look cool. SMH.


*(4/15/19 post-publishing note—Fill in the quote by AOC: “You could reach in a bag and pull so many things out that are _____.”)


Regardless…many, many examples have been documented in which she directly contradicts something I say, only to turn a 180 soon after, or months or years after. Art, writing, philosophy, lifestyle choices, etc, etc, etc.



And these examples overlap each other in a continuous timeline, to the point where her uncredited responses (and copies) are predictable. This does not fit the narrative of pro-women or pro-sisterhood, but rather is the narrative of a typical “mean girl.”


To me, it feels very bullying. It feels as if she was bullying me and stealing my intellectual property, to an extreme level. I almost wonder if all the contradicting that has gone on between our opinions is because she actually is jealous of me? It seems she has repeatedly contradicted me at the same time as copying my content, but then sometimes goes back and contradicts her contradictions of me…as if it doesn’t matter what I say, she just wants to contradict it, rip it off, or contradict it and then rip it off. For instance, if I had been picketing for Hillary, would she have promoted Bernie? I have to wonder. If I didn’t have a big caption on my http://www.honorabowen.com website saying “Stay in school, become a scientist, for the love of humanity,” would she be still be preaching to everyone to not go to school or to drop out of school? I have to wonder. I can’t find a plausible excuse for her behavior, but rather, can only make conjectures.


Maybe she just wanted a spot on my WordPress blog?


And while some may think of this as flattering, it’s definitely not. Her whole brand is based off of boosting women up, and that is not what she was doing. I mentioned that Janne was causing me distress. She was causing me incredible, severe, sleep-stopping stress, depression, and anxiety. She continued, if not exacerbated, the behavior, after being called out and after I said she was causing me distress. Suffice it to say, she was intentionally inflicting distress on me, a stranger who she’s never met, a woman, while in the name of pursuing her stardom. I cannot adequately describe how this has affected my life.


Willful Infringement After Notification

Janne ignored multiple cease and desist letters from me and multiple requests for mediation from the California Lawyers for the Arts’ mediation center director while continuing to post stories and photos of herself wearing the Walk Tall ring while flicking cameras off with the middle finger. She deleted multiple comments from me under photos of the infringing ring saying “cease and desist” and notifying her that I had sent cease and desist letters to her email. She most definitely was aware of what she was doing and was purposefully preventing legal conversation and due process of law. I actually started taking classes on how to represent myself pro se in forma pauperis while seeking out a lawyer.

I contacted her in July, the day I saw the derivative of my registered artwork released to the public, which is what you are supposed to do when you own registered intellectual property. There are stipulations regarding statutes of limitations as well as evidentiary urgency in how an infringed party responds to infringement.

And then, two months later, in September (after I immediately initiated notifications to cease and desist or face legal action in July)—she and her attorney accused me of interfering with her book tour. This was a book tour for a book that came out a year or so earlier, by the way. This was a book tour that wasn’t even announced until August.

Again, super annoying: After thorough investigation, I found a September/October book tour announcement from Janne made on August 17th, which was 20+ days after I initiated contact with her about this legal issue. That was 20+ days after she publicly announced that she was selling a derivative infringement of my registered intellectual property for commerce. That was 20+ days after she had deleted cease and desist comments from her Instagram. That was 20+ days after I had sent her two cease and desist notifications via her form on her website, and multiple emails. That was weeks after the California Lawyers for the Arts’ Mediation Center director contacted her. Janne ignored everyone for weeks. She ignored the CA Lawyers for the Arts completely. GTFO.

If Janne really wanted to make that an issue or a point of contention, she could have and should have responded professionally and said that she was willing to have legal discussions or participate in mediation but would be temporarily unavailable due to a book tour in two months. Plain and simple. But she didn’t.

She ignored everyone, then planned a book tour, then went on the book tour, and then accused me of asserting my rights while she was partying.

Let’s be clear now:



Yes, hate to break it to you darling, but legal matters like this don’t halt for the defendant’s party schedule. None of my business. Not my problem. Legal business is supposed to be taken care of ASAP. But good to know that Janne thinks it’s okay to willfully infringe on other people’s intellectual property and that the world revolves around her.

It’s actually baffling.**

**She’s also brought up this point on social media while omitting the entire story, rephrasing it to make it sound like she just happened to be out on her book tour when I approached her about the willful infringement. For example, see this post that she made after this original blog entry was published: right here.

(Of course she mentions how “resilient” she is for having to cough up $7,000 for her tour parties. Wow. Golf clap. This chick reeks of blind entitlement; and I’m definitely not the first person to say that. Let me guess: did the $7,000 come from the most recent registered intellectual property she was infringing on and rapidly selling for $140 a pop?)

Just to reiterate the blaring incongruence within Janne’s alternate narrative here:

July: September = Two entirely different months that do not coincide in any way, shape, or form in the traditional time/space continuum. They’re not even next to each other in the calendar.

Again, I do not have a time machine—and unless Janne thinks I have a time machine, she’s deliberately misleading people.



And so here I am going to lay down the entire timeline, post-infringement of the registered copyrighted visual artwork that was released in July of 2018:

I initiated contact with Janne in July. I sent her multiple cease and desist notices. I contacted the CA Lawyers for the Arts and the mediation center director immediately got to work on sending Janne an official request for mediation. The director used email and certified mail. Janne was informed that she would be hearing from the CA Lawyers for the Arts prior to even hearing from them, because I told her. Janne had a Canada-based entertainment attorney contact me in the second and third weeks of August and he completely failed to properly address the issue. I responded by actually guiding him through copyright and trademark law and pointed out that he appeared to have no idea what he was talking about.

My guess is he really had no idea what he was talking about, or he was saying what his client was paying him to say. This attorney then dropped out of the picture.

THEN Janne emailed me in the third week of August and asked me for what evidence I had. To be clear, the only other time that I can recall a civilian asking me for evidence, I spoke about here, in this blog post. A lady who openly endorsed a human trafficking ring in the past was pretending to be involved in trying to shut it down, and she asked me for all my evidence. When I did not give it to her, she boldly threatened me and then enlisted in the military shortly after.

My response to shady individuals involved in breaking laws, when they ask me for evidence, is this: sure, you can see the evidence when the rest of the world sees it, openly and publicly.

Then, I found a decent attorney to assist me and we got Janne yet another cease and desist letter in September. At that point, Janne still had not left her city of residence for any sort of book tour. So all of these communications happened prior to her book tour, which was not announced until August 17th. Then she had Michael Jackson’s estate’s prior attorney send my attorney a really nasty letter. So again, the fact that Janne needed to pay so much to an attorney just to try to scare me away—when she could have just participated in mediation—is her own prerogative.





I also would like to add, that I gingerly refrained from jumping to any conclusions about the nature of what was happening for the first two years. I mean this as in from 2016 to 2018: the first two years that I was aware of Janne—not the first two years that Janne was aware of me. I kept questioning myself until I asked for a second, third, and fourth opinion. I initially tried reaching out to her and tried being friendly (in 2016 and 2017), assuming that would immediately stop any unwarranted hostility or feelings of jealousy. It is a painful thing to accuse someone of being jealous, and I do not enjoy even conjecturing about it. I think everyone should be comfortable in their own lives and give everyone around them the benefit of the doubt of the same sense of contentment and self satisfaction. Many of these examples were discovered retroactively, as I found it unnerving to observe the copying on a regular basis. Many of the more obvious examples were discovered in 2018, after enlisting legal help.



But oh—there’s more.

In a coup de grâce, Janne informed all of her followers that she has “incredible empathy and compassion for people who are famous,” (directly contradicting her long lasting “celebrities” poem/ celebrities are shallow propaganda that she was using prior to becoming “famous”) in a post where she segues from how difficult it is to be beautiful, into how difficult it was for her to be threatened by a lawsuit. She says she often wishes she was “anonymous.” She does not mention my name, but actually implies that some random person decided to threaten her with a frivolous lawsuit because of her success (as an Instagram celebrity?). Check it out here: Janne has empathy for celebrities, after all .

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.47.48 AM.png

Source: Instagram

Well jeez, Janne, you took the words right out of my mouth. Actually, she did take those words right out of my mouth, because I posted about the same thing two months earlier. Here are the two posts, and I apologize but they are in Java (JSON) format from my Instagram data download:

*8th highlighted line from the top: “When I was younger, I wanted to be famous. I seriously wish otherwise now. It’s much easier and healthier being anonymous,” I said. The first post (1 of 2) of the two is actually below the second (2 of 2) on this screenshot.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 12.46.18 AM

Here are the photos that went with those two posts, in case you care. (Not really important, but hey)


Source: Instagram, Left Photo Credit: Dean Potter on the way to Yosemite’s “Leaning Tower.”

Yes, I, too, have incredible empathy for people who are famous. I actually have a ton of empathy for myself, too, Janne. Have you ever tried being infamous? It’s like fame, but a million times worse. It means everyone talks about you passively and you become a voiceless “thing” that has contributed to society in such a way that no one will ever forget. It means people like Janne will try to meticulously and systematically pick apart every sense of your identity without giving you any credit. Try Google Searching “Honora Bowen infamous” or “Honora Bowen Naked and Afraid Infamous” and see what pops up. Here are some examples:

Here’s an article

Another article

And another one

And yet another one

and…another one

F*ck me, here’s another one

The definition of infamy,

as retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved March 27, 2019, from https://www.google.com/search?q=infamy definition&oq=infamy de&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l4.4686j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
noun: infamy; plural noun: infamies
  1. the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.
    “a day that will live in infamy”
    synonyms: notorietydisrepute, disreputableness, ill repute, ill fame, loss of reputation, disgracediscreditshamedishonorignominyscandalcensureblamedisapprobationcondemnationcontemptMore

    antonyms: honoranonymityvirtue

By the way, did you know David Letterman’s favorite TV show is Naked and Afraid? He showed a clip of me on his show on 10/2/14, and has publicly referenced the show repeatedly ever since.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.30.22 PM.png

I had people messaging me that they were listening to clips of me on their local radio stations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.24.46 PM.png

I had people telling me they were watching my episodes in countries around the world, like Japan.

japan naa.jpg

Oh hey, guess who my biggest critics usually are? People who hate feminists. I’ve never even actually labeled myself as a feminist, but people who hate feminists hate me. Like here when some misogynist a**hole whom I’ve never heard of but has almost 2 million views on YouTube has a whole discussion about my episode on his “Naked and Afraid offers lessons in gender and feminism” video.

Then Alex Jones referenced one of my episodes. Have you heard of James Franco or Seth Rogen? Did you know they did a parody Naked and Afraid episode with Discovery Channel? Or how about Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and his parody of Naked and Afraid with Leslie Jones on Saturday Night LiveEllen DeGeneres has spoken about Naked and Afraid repeatedly and actually had Kristen Bell do a parody skit of it on her show. Stephen Colbert recently said, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “I’m looking forward to seeing Trump debate Bernie Sanders on Naked and Afraid.” LOL (It’s right at the end of the clip)

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.08.19 PM.png

Okay, so a lot of people watch Naked and Afraid.

And I am constantly referred to as the most infamous (remember, infamy is not a pleasant descriptor to have associated with yourself) participant on Naked and Afraid. Ironically, an antonym for infamy is “honor,” and another one is “anonymity.” Guess who can’t ever be anonymous again? Infamous people. And if you want to read about why I am infamous for being on Naked and Afraid, here is why: How Naked and Afraid is Like a Nazi Experiment

Here is a short article from someone else about it.

Hence, this is the exact reason why my personal appearances, writings, and art have been important to me.

So I think it is fascinating that Janne wanted everyone to know how difficult a time she was having after being threatened with a lawsuit, after purposefully continuing the intellectual property infringement with full knowledge that she would be threatened with a lawsuit. I am also so delighted to know how much empathy and compassion Janne has for people who have lost their anonymity. Because being privy to her stalking some international reality show participant, systematically ripping them off for half a decade, and then gaslighting them and all her followers really could have fooled me.

Let Me Be Clear: This is abusive, and I am calling it out.


 I actually told my attorney all I wanted was an apology.


~*Just a few more notes*~



The screenshot below was posted about one week into the #MeToo movement. Janne mentions how bored she is with social media because someone somewhere started to share truth—what actually happens behind the scenes and then we all started doing it—” and then complains about people talking about suffering. She kind of facetiously calls it a “humble” practice.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 6.58.17 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Does that post seem like Janne was bitter? The Me Too movement just so happened to start about a month into my Kickstarter for my voluntary polygraph tests regarding my 2016 account of sexual assault and the myriad of other things that happened behind the scenes on Naked and Afraid. I was challenging my critics by asking them to contribute to my questions. I thought of Me Too as a glorious moment in history and it made me feel less alone. Reading Janne’s words above makes me think she was bitter.

In my opinion, one doesn’t get to complain about people talking about their suffering while deliberately victimizing a certain “someone somewhere.” You don’t get to be a cause of suffering and complain about people talking about it, especially during the #MeToo movement. HELLO. This woman needs to take some sociology or anthropology classes because no important movement ever happened without a) people suffering, and b) people talking about it. That’s how growth happens.

And her response letter to me attacked me for pushing for a polygraph test.



Janne’s 2018 Nazi Analogy from a TSA Checkpoint is Okay But My 2016 Detailed Account About Naked and Afraid Wasn’t


…Okay, there is yet another point I would like to make here, while I am analyzing Janne’s response letter to my attorney…


Her letter mentioned my 2016 article titled ““How Naked and Afraid is Like a Nazi Experiment and Why I Faked the Blackout in Brazil,” in a way that seemed as if that article was somehow inappropriate for its hyperbolic title. To clarify, I wrote that very detailed account of what happened behind the scenes on Naked and Afraid because it was true, it was important, and because there are actually similarities between Discovery Channel’s manipulation of humans for commerce and the way the Nazis experimented on people.

To be clear, Naked and Afraid actually describes itself in fine print as a “social experiment.” In my case, as well as with other participants whom I have spoken to, there was deliberate administering of certain pharmaceuticals to particular participants while others had unprescribed supplements. In my case, they withheld a prescription and administered Malarone to me. The producers are often highly trained in psychologically manipulating people, as are the people they are in constant communication with who work at Discovery Channel. I was naked, without a phone, without a pen or pencil or pad of paper, without anything of my own except a survival item with which to use to live off the land in a foreign country. And I was being psychologically manipulated, as were the other people on the show. When I was no longer filming the show, Discovery purposefully manipulated footage to make it look like I had pubic lice—while I was promoting a body product company— because I was outing them online. Those initial comments were retracted and then they offered me another “go,” only to manipulate me again. There was a gross amount of manipulation going on. This was also while I was willingly putting myself in a situation where I could get serious viruses from insects or actually get eaten by anaconda.

And yes, this is similar to how the Nazis treated people. So while the Nazis actually killed people—in terrible, unforgettable ways that humankind should never forgive—Discovery was really testing the bounds of gross negligence as it relates to Hollywood and the lives of everyday people, such as myself. It was and is experimenting on people, not just its participants, but everyday viewers around the world. They say “follow the money”—who is funding their programming? I wrote a lengthy research paper for college about Media Manipulation that touches on these points.

In contrast, last year, Janne posted a story to Instagram about going through a TSA checkpoint and compared it to Auschwitz. I did not actually see this story myself but there are several comments on a post to her timeline here. I found this via a separate discussion online, on Gomiblog. Here is a screenshot where people are talking about the story:

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.10.51 AM.png

Source: Instagram

*How did I miss this? This was in the middle of my attempted legal discussions with Janne, just weeks before she had Michael Jackson’s Estate’s prior attorney respond to my attorney with his ill-researched letter. She just had to use a Nazi analogy and accuse me of using one in the same very short period of time.

There are people related to Holocaust survivors calling her out for the inappropriate analogy. If writing about an experience involving permanent infamy while putting my life on the line in front of half of a billion households while naked and being psychologically manipulated is an inappropriate analogy to make towards Nazi experimentation, indeed, comparing one’s entitled air travel experience of going through a TSA checkpoint also is, by leaps and bounds.

So while I can see now that perhaps my article’s title may be insulting to relatives of Holocaust survivors—yes, I see that, I apologize (though actually no one has ever told me or even hinted that my article was insulting for its analogy, except my producer from Brazil)—I actually was talking about real social experiments on real people that really ruined their lives. I wasn’t talking about something as minor as Janne’s Holocaust analogy last year, of a simple TSA checkpoint in an airport. My article has been referred to many, many times by other people and publications and was written 18 months prior to the #MeToo movement. And though I have to speak up for myself in this case, I truly do believe that that article had an impact on the #MeToo movement. I have had many other Naked and Afraid participants thank me privately for speaking out—and most of those people were much quieter when they were offered a second chance on the show. I was alone in standing up for myself, and I will never regret doing so.

I dare say Janne and her attorney’s response letter to my attorney was full of hot air in many ways.


She Hasn’t Stopped, Despite Repeated Notifications to Stop


There is so much more. It’s actually exhausting. So I’m just going to point out a couple more examples. This is her business’s new logo, released January 2019. She deleted a comment where a member of the public said it looked like the WordPress logo:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.38.00 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Come on, now.


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.35.52 PM

Image: WordPress’s official copyrighted logo


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.33.54 PM




She Just Did It Again, After This Article Was Published

Update April 5, 2019: Janne just informed her followers about how honest she is about her life’s work and rips off yet another metaphor I used repeatedly last year, of being “a flashlight.” She does not want “people[‘]s experience to be swept under the rug.” (Ahem) Post below is from April 5, 2019. See post below that, which is the bottom segment of a post wherein I was actually calling out Janne for plagiarism last August of 2018. I was calling her out for acting inappropriately and likened some of her behaviors to those of a specific human trafficking ring that preys on women. She complained about that post, said she had a screenshot, yet continued to do this—and then later ripped it off.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.31.02 PM.png

Source: Instagram @jannerobinson


My post via @honorabowen on Instagram August 13, 2018. It was posted with my copyrighted nude lotus woman drawing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.32.37 PM


My “About” page, which Janne has most definitely read, for obvious reasons:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.33.07 PM.png

I believe that Janne must have also seen my blog piece about that human trafficking ring because one of the poems she plagiarized was only available on WordPress during the time that she plagiarized it, due to my social media being temporarily deactivated for a few months. (I reactivated it again in July to call out Janne and have since deactivated it again). Either she must have seen the piece about the human traffickers, which was pinned to the front page of my blog, or she took a screenshot of the poem earlier. I point this out because her actions have seemed extremely malicious and devoid of empathy, not only due to content but timing as well.

I think I’ve made my point. (Although it has continued, I refuse to keep posting it on my blog. I think you get the idea.)



Hey, you know what’s better than a flashlight? (Hint: You can find it almost anywhere, it can start fires, purify water, and enhance a person’s ability to see things on a closer level)…BOOM.

8b8851f796c66282da094d7e1fb806b9 copy.jpg

Source: Discovery Channel


*All images used for the purpose of criticism and public comment pursuant to

17 U.S.C. § 107

Have you been the victim of perspecticide or this kind of behavior?

An Open Letter To The Rest of The World, From America


If you are reading this, there is a 50% chance you reside in America and a 50% chance that you reside in any of the other countries on the planet. I am writing this for the latter half of my blog site traffic.

We Americans do not like our president. I have never spoken to a person who wanted a wall or even thought that border security was an issue here. Americans are increasingly terrified of what has happened to our country.

Most Americans believe Trump conspired with Putin. And now it seems that the two are deciding the entire world’s fate (one of inevitable crisis and looming death as a result of rapidly increasing climate change) so they can keep drilling oil. This is insane. This is criminally insane. One of the first orders Trump made when he became president was to pull federal funding from any scientist who used the phrase “global warming” or “climate change” in their studies. Several scientists are quoted as saying, “You should be VERY CONCERNED.”


If you are reading this, please know that the vast majority of Americans are scared of Donald Trump and what has happened to our democracy. We are not our president. He is not our president.

Please spread the word. Spread it far and wide. Tell your friends and family. America needs help.


Thank you.


Love and Light,