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  1. I love how you write, and how honest you are about your experiences. I was really hoping to read more about you after first seeing you on that show a while back. Nothing is ever what it seems on reality TV, and you deserve way more credit for your character than how those people portrayed you to the world. I sincerely hope you continue to blog, and write about your experiences.


  2. Honora
    Partaking in this rare opportunity to try something challenging and hopefully rewarding for one in their life only to be subjected
    to such an unfortunate situation of events from the very people you placed your trust goes to show how vial and unprofessional
    some reality production industries will go . I believe you and also like that you shared this and put it behind you and moved on. Try
    yourself as a Radio Talk host; trust me with your many callers you will be just fine answering your callers. Your # 1


  3. “metaphorical katana”
    Got a love it !
    One of my favorite quotes from a novel The Virtues of war: Alexander the Great ( G.U. HIST-007 )
    “Always attack. Even in defense, attack. The attacking arm possesses the
    initiative and thus commands the action. To attack makes men brave; to defend
    makes them timorous.”
    Steven Pressfield


    1. That’s what our newest president does and has done for many, many years from all that I’ve read about him…he learned that from a little skank of a man he considered his mentor and who was his lawyer and he never stops. I think it is a lousy way to live personally and hope you won’t take such advice Honora.

      I appreciate your letting us know what really goes on with these “reality” shows and just what scumbags they are who run these productions. I don’t have cable TV so only when pet-sitting do I get to watch this stuff and your 1st experience was the one I saw of your two involvements. I will admit even with the editing, I wondered what was wrong with that man you were partnered with and I was glad you were able to get away from him whether you faked it or not! Good for you. I will say that I can’t imagine subjecting myself to such untrustworthy, vile people as was your production team and I will admit that I am amazed you did it twice! I would have definitely worried that they would have been happy to “accidentally” kill you! I will never watch that show again now that I know what liars they are!!

      Hope life is pleasant for you now. I like your comments regarding the Women’s March after “Drumpf’s” inauguration.



    1. It is a microphone attached to a battery pack, which we keep in our bags. They swap them out with “dummy” necklaces every time we go in the water. Some shows provide insulated / lined bags, while others do not. The bags in Brazil were not lined, those in Colombia were. (But Brazil got much colder at night).


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