3 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries



Before I start, I want you to consider just how politically savvy you are. No matter how old you are, you need to become politically savvy right now. Start researching politics right now. Don’t be like me and wait until you are almost 30 to start caring or paying attention.

As the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated two weeks ago, “I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments that there were multiple, systematic efforts to interference in our election. And that allegation deserves the attention of every American.”

Reason 1) Trump and his administration have admitted that they accepted Russian interference in the elections and would do so again.


SEE the Federal Election Commission’s Official Statement About This:

This is SUPER illegal. Super illegal. Trump is trying to make it sound like people do this all the time.


Trump’s administration has stonewalled every request from the House of Representatives to turn over any documentation legally asked of them (remember, it is the House of Representatives’ job to investigate the Executive Branch and keep it in check). Mitch McConnell is likewise stonewalling everything while telling his supporters that he is doing otherwise.

Mitch McConnell has blocked so much legislation that the list has been dubbed “The Legislative Graveyard.”

Most recently, Mitch McConnell blocked legislation to block foreign election interference and make our elections safe. WOAH.

The M.O. of the Trump administration is to lie and never admit to anything/lie and lie again until everyone believes them. Trump and his admin are waiting for more Russian interference.

This is called “normalizing” criminal behavior.

It numbs the general public to criminal behavior.

This is deliberate manipulation of the general public.

I don’t say these things lightly. I was once in hope that Trump would be a good President, but he has proven to be anything but. I’m always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. I am saying these things because you need to hear them.

Reason why this means you should vote for Bernie: Trump and his administration are trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, who has a history of changing his mind on important issues and flip-flopping in order to pander to people and corporations. On the other hand, Bernie has a pristinely clean record. The worst thing the Republicans can come up with is that Bernie made some money off of a best-selling book. All in all, Bernie is still one of the least wealthy people in government.

So if you just keep in mind that Russia already intends on bashing Biden, why not just circumvent the situation and vote for Bernie in the primaries? Bernie has the biggest track record for pushing through legislation and making positive change in government. Take a look here. I can say that as someone who grew up as a Vermonter, the state of Vermont loves Bernie, hence why he was Representative for such a long time and is still a Senator there today. Vermonters don’t want Bernie to leave because we love him.

Reason 2) Bernie Sanders is a “democratic socialist.” This is not the same thing as a “socialist.” Today he pointed out, quite succinctly, that Trump “believes in socialism for large corporations and the wealthy.”  This is true.

And why on Earth is any human being defending corporations over people? Why on Earth would you? The blanket response by so many Republicans of “we don’t want free healthcare” and “we don’t want free education” or “we don’t want a livable minimum wage” is LITERALLY A SUMMARY OF THE STUPIDEST RESPONSES A HUMAN BEING COULD MAKE. No, really. Oh, you don’t want a livable minimum wage? Ok, you are an idiot. I’m not sorry for pointing that out.

And because so many of you only watch Fox News, I am going to post a link to Bernie Sanders’ speech from today, from Fox News, so that you will read it: https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/bernie-sanders-democratic-socialism-speech

(As much as I loathe Fox News and all of their lying propaganda)

Reason 3) Just in, the results of multiple polls showing that every major Democrat running for President in 2020 would beat Trump. Trump’s response? “Fake news.” Of course. He is claiming that these are all fake polls. (Hint: they’re not)

In contrast, I took several polls in 2016 prior to the primary elections that were spammed onto my Facebook feed and paid for by Trump’s campaign. I took three separate polls—correction: I tried to take three separate polls—and they all came pre-filled out with Trump as my pick for President. I loathe Trump. I tried to pick “Bernie Sanders,” but just clicking on another name automatically sent my “polling results” to a Thank You message showing Trump in the lead. There was no opportunity to click the “submit” button because the polling sites were rigged to answer “Trump” no matter what. That should scare you.

I thought my phone was glitching the first two times, but by the third time I realized it was rigged. I’ve had a similar situation arise in the past with a scam beauty product offer. There was a “click for more information” button that sent me to a checkout and none of the buttons actually led to where they said they would lead. Next thing you know, I had purchased something I didn’t want and the “introductory offer” of a few bucks turned into monthly $200 payments for some scam cream I didn’t want. I had to contact my bank and reverse the transactions. But that kind of rigged app or site (and often associated malware) is super easy to create these days, and that’s what Trump’s administration has been using for their “real polls.”

Trump lies on a daily basis. This is a literally true statement. This should scare you.

Trump is like that scammy night cream that you never actually wanted—the one with all the harsh chemicals that cause wrinkles and predispose you to cancer.

Why this means you should vote for Bernie: Bernie is honest. Bernie doesn’t lie. And he’s not Donald Trump.

He’s not Donald Trump, and the Russians can’t dig up dirt on him like they can on any of the other candidates. Plus, Bernie is actually not pro-open borders. So for any of you super worried about the poor Mexican families coming to the States to try to pick strawberries, just know that Bernie isn’t trying to overcrowd the country either. (And by the way, if you are concerned that migrant strawberry pickers are trying to steal your job, that must mean you too are a strawberry picker and then…why in the hell are you so anti-equality and anti-livable wage? Did you know that migrants are being detained and put in cages?)

We spend trillions of dollars going to wars that we don’t need to be involved in. And Trump spends millions of our tax dollars every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago. In an article by NPR, it is stated that “a new report from the Government Accountability Office says four such trips early on in Trump’s presidency cost taxpayers $13.6 million, or some $3.4 million each. That is far higher than the estimates of Trump’s travel costs early in his presidency, which were pegged at about $1 million per trip.” Holy shit. There most certainly is money to be reallocated towards causes like healthcare and education. So please stop eating up all the lies that are fed to you by politicians who have been bought out by corporations.

I know a lot of you don’t want to hear this. Apparently politics triggers the same neurons in the brain as watching sports does. Hence, it makes fans of one side or the other have actual hormonal reactions when they perceive a loss. People become very integrated with their belief systems. But how have you felt in the past when one of your favorite teams or players got caught cheating or using drugs? Did it change your mind about your feelings of loyalty to that person? And did it make you feel weirdly guilty for supporting them? (To be clear, if you ever felt guilty for supporting someone who was dishonest, you shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s not your fault how other adults behave. It’s not your fault if you get duped by a con artist such as Trump. But it is your fault if you choose to continue to support corruption when you know it is corruption.)

It’s time that you all wake up to what is happening in the country.

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